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Canadian mum in Leeds

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Amanda1 Sat 02-Oct-04 16:38:58

Message withdrawn

LunarSea Sat 02-Oct-04 17:03:09

Whereabouts in Canada are you from Amanda1? There are a few other Canadians (or mums based in Canada) on here - Hana, and Highlander I think?

Amanda1 Sat 02-Oct-04 17:12:40

Message withdrawn

hana Sat 02-Oct-04 18:24:42

Hey Amanda!
I'm also Canadian, have been here 8 years.....also thought I wouldn't be here that long. We're in London, dh is English, we have a 3 year old dd and are expecting our 2nd at Christmas. I grew up in Halifax.
Have never been to Leeds, I never seem to meet any Canadians anywhere over here! Mumsnet is fab, discovered it well after dd was born and it's been a great source of comfort and support.
Happy Thanksgiving for next week. I am going to try and make pumpkin pie this time ( but have been saying that for 8 years now!!)

Yorkiegirl Sat 02-Oct-04 22:46:38

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Mon 04-Oct-04 08:20:05

Message withdrawn

iddy Tue 05-Oct-04 19:03:22

HI Amanda1! I live in Kirkstall which is about 10 mins from leeds centre. Are you working in Leeds?

hana Tue 05-Oct-04 23:34:53

Amanda, we're in West London. When I first moved to London I was in Notting Hill and have moved steadily west ever since! I am usually home once or twice a year - went last Feb for a couple of weeks and we were planning to go for Christmas this year, but I'm actually due on the parents are coming over instead! DD has made that flight about 6 times now, her airmiles with Air Canada are adding up.....!

Amanda1 Wed 06-Oct-04 09:04:21

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Wed 06-Oct-04 09:06:34

Message withdrawn

iddy Wed 06-Oct-04 12:32:55

Hi Amanda1,
No I don't work. FT mum. My DP works away during the week and my dd has just turned 6months. Are you working FT? If your free sometime we could meet up? We're thinking of emigrating in 2 yrs and have been told Canada is beautiful so will hopefully be going for a visit next year.

Amanda1 Wed 06-Oct-04 12:37:26

Message withdrawn

iddy Wed 06-Oct-04 16:22:59

I am trying to pluck up the courage to go on the road!!! Hiring an automatic this weekend to see if I like it then my dp will buy me a car!Are you going to the day and evening meet with the Yorkshire lot? Hopefully I can go. If you want to meet up let me know when you are free.

Amanda1 Thu 07-Oct-04 14:24:34

Message withdrawn

iddy Thu 07-Oct-04 14:34:03

weekends fine! Considering becoming a single parent myself!!!! Not having a fun time at the moment! Let me know when you are free and what you fancy doing! If you are into wine drinking we could arrange that one evening!!! Been dying for wine.
Do you mind me asking what do you do?

Amanda1 Thu 07-Oct-04 15:45:57

Message withdrawn

iddy Thu 07-Oct-04 15:57:52

Yes, I know exactly what you mean!!! Have sent you a CAT so we can arrange a weekend!!!

Amanda1 Thu 07-Oct-04 16:07:47

Message withdrawn

iddy Thu 07-Oct-04 16:13:55

You too!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Amanda1 Mon 11-Oct-04 13:29:58

Message withdrawn

Canadianmom Wed 29-Dec-04 01:56:39

Hello! Wish that I had bumped into you earlier... We have recently moved back to Canada after 4 years in London. I am currently in Victoria but off to Ottawa in January. MN saved my sanity and saw me through a disastrous (like there is any other kind?!) miscarriage in June.

Amanda1 Wed 29-Dec-04 11:36:29

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 29-Dec-04 11:37:01

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Thu 30-Dec-04 13:03:24

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Thu 30-Dec-04 15:34:25

Message withdrawn

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