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Lowryn Mon 27-Sep-04 12:50:05

Hi, thought it was about time I formally introduced myself...

Hello, I'm Lowryn and I have a Mumsnet addiction.
I am 28 and married with a DD who will be three in November and is cheeky, gorgeous and far too grown up. I also have a DS who is 5 months today and is happy and flirty and the clone of his daddy.

We live in Suffolk and wish we lived either in Norwich or somewhere abroad that is warm. Not that Norwich is warm, but that is where my family are!

You can find me on the April 04 threads or starting inane and mostly ignored threads

I love Mumsnet and mumsnetters, I embrace my addiction and find myself torn between wanting to tell everyone about it, and wanting to keep it to myself.
I have been too honest on here to let my RL friends and family in on it...My chat name is too obvious I guess!

Thanks for listening

cp3 Mon 27-Sep-04 12:51:15

Hey Lowryn

suzywong Mon 27-Sep-04 12:58:05

Hey Lowryn

how's that lovely boy?

hewlettsdaughter Mon 27-Sep-04 13:01:22

Hi Lowryn - nice to have you on the April babies threads

Lowryn Mon 27-Sep-04 13:14:13

SW, DS is growing up too quickly. He is a total cherub though

Latest photos here

password is Lowryn

suzywong Mon 27-Sep-04 13:18:10

OH wow he most certainly is!

BooMama Mon 27-Sep-04 13:55:38

Hello neighbour!

Lowryn Mon 27-Sep-04 20:20:37

Hi, Boomama. I got the digital photo prices off your DH and will be most definitely paying your shop a visit!

Miaou Mon 27-Sep-04 20:22:24

Hi there Lowryn, nice to read your profile. I like reading your posts, you've got a lot of sensible things to say.

Mumsnet addiction - THERE IS NO CURE - just give in to it!!!

Lowryn Mon 27-Sep-04 20:38:05

Thanks Miaou, that is a first for me...Anyone thinking I had something sensible to say

Mothernature Mon 21-Feb-05 12:13:40

Lowryn lives in suffolk has a dd and a ds admits to being an addict of the mumsnet kind....

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