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Any moms around Canary Wharf?

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2echo Fri 17-Sep-04 10:21:02

I'm new to mumsnet & I have a 3 month old daughter. I'd like to meet other mothers with young ones around Canary Wharf. Anybody up for meeting for coffee or lunch?


NomDePlume Fri 17-Sep-04 10:33:31

Hi 2echo

Welcome to MN ! It won't be long before you're an addict . I'm not a London Mum, myself, but there are LOADS on here, keep your eyes peeled for London areas on the 'Mumsnetter Meet-ups board. There's always plenty going and it is a great way to meet new people.

NomDePlume Fri 17-Sep-04 10:36:18

Meet-ups board Link

Twinkie Fri 17-Sep-04 10:36:29

I'm quite near Greenwich if that is any help?? - Could always have a meet up in the park and feed the squirrels!!

Mind you I am 32 weeks preggers at the mo so am not walking up that huge hill!!

smileyragdoll Fri 17-Sep-04 10:45:38

hi welcome, Ds 8weeks and I are nearby and would love coffee

carla Fri 17-Sep-04 10:48:12

Message deleted

Twinkie Fri 17-Sep-04 10:49:05

Didn't know what that I live near Greenwich or that I am 32 weeks pregnant??

Have you been living under a stone??

carla Fri 17-Sep-04 10:51:14

Message deleted

Twinkie Fri 17-Sep-04 10:52:13

Sorry - yes am 32 weeks pregnant and have huge swelling bump and leaky bladder and books and terrible indigestion - oh could go onand on and bore you rigid!!

NomDePlume Fri 17-Sep-04 10:54:22

Twink is the original 'Mrs Angry' !

carla Fri 17-Sep-04 11:00:44

Message deleted

bran Fri 17-Sep-04 11:01:05

I didn't know you were in Greenwich Twinkie, I'm just the other side of the foot tunnel (across the river from the Cutty Sark). I knew you were preggers though, couldn't miss that .

(BTW, have you considered consulting an exorcist about your leaky books? )

Twinkie Fri 17-Sep-04 11:03:27

Well am 10 minute bus ride away and always go by bus as quicker and stops right outside door!!

I am not angry all of the time really just at the moment I can;t stop my mouth going blah blah blah if anyone is slightly rude, although not just to me to anyone around me too!!

Oooohhhh sorry leaky boobs not books!!

2echo Fri 17-Sep-04 11:44:20

Wow! You all are a friendly bunch! Thanks so much for making me feel welcome. Hi everyone! *waves*

NomDePlume - thanks for the referral - will check out the meetups board.

Twinkie & Smileyragdoll - would love to meet up - Are either of you free next week?

Carla - thanks for the warning, but I think I'll risk it!

smileyragdoll Fri 17-Sep-04 11:49:04

Can't do next week but can the following Monday 27th, let us know, see you soon.

Hossmum Sun 19-Sep-04 17:11:15

Hi Smileyragdoll - see you are on this thread and can't make the meet up this week in Greenwich Park. Maybe I will join you and 2echo on the following Monday too? Let me know what the plan is.

2echo Mon 20-Sep-04 20:29:57

Hi smileyragdoll & hossmum, Monday the 27th sounds good - any suggestions on where to meet? Don't know many places except at Canary Wharf. We could meet at Cafe Brera at Canary Riverside as they have tables outside (if the weather's nice). But I'm open to any suggestions!

smileyragdoll Sun 26-Sep-04 11:37:59

sorry for delay in response have been offline all week, that sounds fine if he weather is fine, or we can try cafe nero in jubilee place which might be a safer bet if cold and wet?, how about 2.30 that we we can avoid the lunch crowd?,

Hossmum Sun 26-Sep-04 11:59:48

Hi there

Realised I won't be able to make it as starting post natal classes tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll join you at next meet up, especially if its in Greenwich, as easier fr me!


smileyragdoll Sun 26-Sep-04 17:08:04

okay, thanks for letting us know, maybe next time. Just out of interest is there a creche at the post natal class you mention, might be something i am interested in, can i have details?, thanks

smileyragdoll Mon 27-Sep-04 09:16:48

2echo, can you confirm that you can make it today,hopefully meet you later, cheers

smileyragdoll Mon 27-Sep-04 10:17:16


Hossmum Mon 27-Sep-04 16:31:13

Hope you had a good meet up today. My post natal class was at the doctors for mums and babies with the health visitor. If you're interested in exercise classes though, worth checking out the Arches as they have classes and a creche. I'm also doing a good mother and baby yoga class in Deptford at the Albany that I'd recommend.

2echo Mon 27-Sep-04 19:09:15

Hi smileyragdoll,
I'm so sorry to have missed you - just saw your message! Can we try to arrange for another time?

smileyragdoll Mon 27-Sep-04 22:29:46

yes please, was worried that you would be there but you did not appear, still ds and i had a coffee (well ds had milk, shall we rearrange?, when good for people?

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