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Hi, at last!!

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MUMINAMILLION Thu 02-Sep-04 16:40:05

OK, Ive decided its time to formally introduce myself since Im now completely addicted to this site and feel that I know everyone else personally.

Been married for 12yrs, have 4dds and 3 gerbils. My dds (and gerbils) are home educated so I am usually at home - hence the amount of time I spend on here! When Im able to drag myself away from the computer I love reading, art (painting), e-bay (oh thats on the computer too) and ....... well thats about it! Oh, I play the violin too. Im in Scotland (central region) and would LOVE to have another baby or 5, but hubby made sure that is now an impossibility (snip snip).

ghengis Thu 02-Sep-04 17:08:55

Welcome Muminamillion

Prettybird Thu 02-Sep-04 17:11:47

Hi to another Scot! There are quite a few Mumsnetters in Central Scotland.

We really must try to organise another meet-up - but recent attempts have just fizzled out.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 10:00:09

Thanks Ghengis. (Really relieved that you replied - was feeling very sorry for myself when I posted my profile and was convinced noone would be interested - what a sad case!) Hello prettybird. Im from Stirling and the only other MNer I know from here is my sister, Artyalex. Strangely enough, my hubbie'S from from SA too (or Rhodesia to be precise.) Where's yours from??

ebbie22 Fri 03-Sep-04 10:02:30

Hi,i am from bedfordshire and have 1 dd,also would love lots more...hope you get all the answers you are looking for on mumsnet...

Miaou Fri 03-Sep-04 10:29:23

Hi Muminamillion, another Scottish resident here, altho' a bit too far from anywhere for a meetup! Welcome to mumsnet.

Prettybird Fri 03-Sep-04 10:49:19

Muminamillion - my dh is 100% Scottish (although I am convinced there is a shipwrecked Spaniard somewhere in his past as he is very dark with almost black eyes), but I was born in Pietersburg, Northern Transvaal and I kept my name when I got married. I'd got too used to having a silly surname!

I am sure there are other Mumsnetters in or near Stirling. My dh's sister lives in Stirling - but she cut herself off from the family years ago, so I've never met her.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 11:29:58

Hi miaou (have seen your posts before on my travels through mumsnet!) and ebbie.Pleased to officially meet you. Sorry prettybird, must have been half asleep when I read your profile. Thought it was your dh from SA. Are you addicted to biltong like my dh? He goes all the way to edinburgh just to buy a pack! The kids like it but Im not too keen, but I do quite like the really spicy stuff tho. And is it my imagination or do we seem to be inundated with SAns in Scotland??? Dh is always meeting them wherever he goes - not that I mind, every one Ive met has been lovely. Perhaps there's some kind of takeover going on that Im not aware of!!

joanneg Fri 03-Sep-04 11:30:36

Hi muminamillion - you certainly sound like a mum in a million! I have started to do ebay in the last month and am hooked - selling everything but the kitchen sink! I am also a mumsnetter addict. Look forward to chatting to you on here.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 11:39:01

Hi joanneg - wish I was. Chose the name cause I was feeling anything but muminamillion at the time! I have incredibly high expectations of what motherhood is all about, but fall amazingly low of my standards. Since joining mumsnet, Ive realised that most other mothers feel the same way. Maybe we should give ourselves a break and a pat on the back more often! After all, if we care enough about our children to ask for advice on MN, then we cant be doing too badly! I really am hooked on ebay too - although I dont make money on it cause I buy everything in sight! We recently got rid of the TV and I have been stocking up on every board game under the sun for the girls. (My favourite is tiddly winks, although we have our own rules for it which usually ends with us all in a heap trying to be the first one to get our counters in the bowl!) Perhaps one day if my kids are getting on top of me (literally in the case of tiddlywinks) I may consider auctioning them on ebay. What do you think - would I get a good price?

joanneg Fri 03-Sep-04 11:46:10

An American guy once put him and his family (ds, dd and wife) on ebay for a mnillion dollers!! It stayed on for a couple of days before e-bay got a wiff of the ad and took it off as the selling of humans is not allowed!! The funny thing is that he got a bid! So you never know after ds better watch his step if he keeps crayoning on my walls!! (obviously I am joking and not completely mad!!)

I have 1 ds who is 2 and am in ore of any-body like yourself who has braved having 4! I am just like you - no matter how much I try and be a good mum I always feel guilty for something!! I think that that is our natural instincts kicking in or something.

I havent brought anything on e-bay yet just sold computer games (dhs!! he does know!) and CDS. But I am very tempted by the Buffy DVDs that are so cheap.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 11:52:20

Well, I should be ok putting my kids on then - at times they are definately less than human!! (Especially the 11 yr old - she seems to be a different life-form altogether at the moment!!)

Prettybird Fri 03-Sep-04 12:02:28

Muminamillion - yes I do love Biltong. Must be South African than I think, as dh doesn't like it.

My Dad makes a mean Boerewors (if that's the spelling) - the South Afircan sausage. And yes, there do seem to be loads of SAns in Scotland (and the UK) at the moment. I always surpirse the ones I come across by knowing stragiht away that that they're SAn and not thinking they are Aussies or Kiwis.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 12:07:50

Yeah, dh loves them too, although hes never attempted to make them! I do make bobootie though, which I think is SA. Delicious!

Prettybird Fri 03-Sep-04 12:48:52

I like bobotie too (although I've never made it) - but my Mum hates it - which is maybe why I've never got a recipe!

She does make fatastic koeksisters and she and I are now in competition as to who makes the best Milk Tart. There is some great food from SA!

Having said that, i can't stand meelie pap (or however you spell it) - but Mum and Dad both love it.

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 12:51:42

Ooh, had the meelie stuff when I was over visiting a couple of years ago. GROOOSSSSSS!!! Dh has attempted koeksisters loads of times. Me and girls love them, but he is always disappointed and says they dont taste like his mums. He cant get them to really absorb the syrup. Could we have your recipe, would the be possible????

scotlou Fri 03-Sep-04 12:59:15

Hi there. I live near Stirling too and work in Grangemouth so not that far away. 2 kids - ds 4 1/2 just started school and dd turned 2 last week. Unfortunately I work full time - but would have loved to home educate so am really envious! -Though I bet it's hard work.

muddaofsuburbia Fri 03-Sep-04 13:11:02

Hi muminamillion -we're moving to Stirlingshire next month all being well, so me and ds'll be up for a meet-up. Also play the violin - but very badly

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 13:12:38

Hi scotlou. Would be nice to meet since we're so close. It is hard work, though a lot easier than people would think. The girls tend to work by themselves most of the time, and I only get involved if they want me to. It seems to work really well because they are learning because they want to, not because they have to. Its nice not to be restricted by school hours too - life doesnt revolve around 9am and 3pm any more. But we do have days when we are all pulling our hair out (and each others in some cases!!!) but on the whole it is great. Its just such a shame that not everyone is in the position to do it too. I dont know of anyone else round here who HEs.

Prettybird Fri 03-Sep-04 13:56:34

I'll ask my mum for the recipe - I've never tried making them myself, but have been meaning to. I know that there is a trick to the syrup, which my mum has mentioned: something to do with doing while they are still hot or are totally cold (can you tell I can't remember! )

I'll get back to you!

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 14:44:31

Thanks prettybird, appreciate it. Mind you, as Im on big/slim thread, maybe I shouldnt be asking for this!

scotlou Mon 06-Sep-04 12:43:51

Hi muminamillion
I knwow what you mean about the 9 - 3 thing. It's a real pain for me at the moment. I do not want to abandon my son at the school gates at 8.45, so end up waiting till the bell goes - then it's a mad dash down the motorway to Polmont to my mum's to hand over my daughter - means I now get into work at 9.30 - and I'm meant to start at 9! Then at the end of the day, my mum picks him up Mon - Wed, but Thurs & Fri he's now got to go to After School Club. I'm really worrying about this as he's only 4 1/2 and they get picked up by minibus and taken to another school 4 miles up the A9. So I'll have to dash back from work and pick up daughter from nursery in Dunblane and then up to Blackford to the School Club to get there before 6...wonder how many speeding fines I'm going to end up with?? I guess things will settle down and I'll get a routine. The good thing is it's a lovely small school and he is really enjoying it - he hated nursery so I was a bit worried. I did briefly consider home education - but there is no way financially that I could stop work so it wasn't an option. Do you do a lot of social stuff with your kids so they still meet people? That would have been my concern as both of mine are a bit shy and need to work at making friends.

Marina Mon 06-Sep-04 12:55:59

Hi Muminamillion - did your sister used to have a different name but with the same -alex ending by any chance? Welcome to Mumsnet anyway

NomDePlume Mon 06-Sep-04 13:04:37

Welcome Muminamillion (great name).

Prettybird Tue 07-Sep-04 09:13:32

Muminamillion - I haven't got the recipe form mum yet for koeksisters - but she has told me that the secret is to plunge the koeksisters,while they are still very hot, STRAIGHT into the ICE COLD syrup. Because that will inevitably mean that they syrup starts heating up, you have to make LOADS of sytup.

I'm impressed at myself - my recollection wasn't far off after all, ie it IS to do with being very hot AND very cold!

I'll remind her on Wednesday that I want the recipe.

spots Tue 07-Sep-04 09:48:37

Hello muminamillion. I'm enjoying guessing what all these exotic sounding foodstuffs are... my guess is that you two are just making them up. Particularly like the mention of 'Milk Tart' amongst all these unpronouncable names. I found a recipe for 'Toast Water'yesterday in a home management book... perhaps the two could appear on the same menu...

Am in Fife, would like to meet mumsnetters in Scotand. Have some home educating friends nearby...

Prettybird Wed 08-Sep-04 09:19:24

Spots: here is a glossary!

Koeksisters - two "ropes of a sweet, yeast based dough twisted together, then deepfired, then plunged into a syrup so that they are stciky all the way thorugh. Very yummy but very calorific

Bobotie: a slightly spicy/curry mince with an egguy custard

Boerwurs: " literally, "farmers' sausage" - a slightly spicy, coarse suasage. Spices usually include corander and cumin - but everyone has their own "recipe"

Biltong: dried meat (like jerky in the States) - an acquired taste

Milk tart (actually Melktert): a "lighter" (nicer) versioon of a custard tart, with a vanilla custard (my Mum's recipe also has a wee bit of almond essence), thickened with some flour/cornflour so it is not so eggy, and topped with cinnamon. Also yummy!

Meelie pap: cornmeal "porridge"

spots Wed 08-Sep-04 14:46:06

Think I could handle most of those...

tho' maybe not all in the one sitting...

S.A. food's not very well available in Scotland is it? no wonder you're hunting down recipes... Can't see Gregg's offering koeksisters quite yet.

MUMINAMILLION Sat 11-Sep-04 13:04:18

Scotlou - poor you!! Do you get any time for yourself in between all the dashing back and forth? Im sure things will settle down for you soon tho, and its great you have found a good school. I have a HUGE family all nearby, so the girls have plenty of cousins to keep them company. Also, they have loads of friends constantly coming and going including many in our village. (They are a bit of a novelty since they dont go to the school I think!) You'll prob meet my dh speeding up or down the A9 while you are - he works round Blackford area.

Thanks prettybird! And hi spots! Maybe we should open a SA restaurant and introduce the rest of the population to these delights! (mind you, with my cooking, we may have a few lawsuits on our hands!)

Hi mudda - I seem to have missed you! Would love to meet up - we could start our own very badly played violin quartet! My neighbours would love that - they think they have enough to complain about just now!

Sorry this is message is a bit delayed - have been away to exotic Arbroath with the kids. We had a great time though - fab weather (sunburn to prove it) and we had the beach to ourselves. Ive put on loads of weight though thanks to the renowned Arbroath fish and chips! Glad to be back tho, missed MN too much!!!!

Thanks Nom - where did you get that name? Dont tell me its from a classic novel or something or Ill be showing my ignorance! Probably already have now!

Hi Marina!! Nope, Artyalex is her one and only pseudonym (although we have lots of names for her - only joking!). Pleased to meet you.

Do you think I might get an award for the longest message? I really should be unpacking and maybe feed the kids ...............

Prettybird Tue 14-Sep-04 09:44:52

I've got the recipe for Koeksisters - now I just need to remember to bring it in to work - or to have a session on the PC at home.

I was surprised to find out that they are not yeat based - they use bicarb of soda, but, like a yeast based dough, you need to leave it for at least an hour to "prove", before making the twists and deep frying.

MUMINAMILLION Wed 15-Sep-04 08:44:07

Aah, well maybe thats where he's going wrong. Do we have the patience to leave them for an hour?? Usually the ingrediants are in the bowl and in our stomachs within about 2 minutes!

Prettybird Wed 15-Sep-04 09:08:26

That's one of the reasons Mum doesn't like making them. She used to make them to to take through for rugby matches at Murrayfield - but that involved getting up really early and was a real faff.

I've not brought in the recipe again - it's probably more likely I'll get round it it at the weekend - although we are doing the Pedal for Scotland on Sunday, so that takes out a day!

MUMINAMILLION Wed 15-Sep-04 09:10:13

Dont worry, no rush!! Enjoy Sunday, brave (mad?) you.

Tessiebear Wed 15-Sep-04 10:04:34

Muminamillion: Welcome and WOW - at home educating. I really admire someone who is able to do that. Do you ever miss not having a break from all your DD'S? Will you continue at secondary level?

Prettybird Thu 16-Sep-04 09:25:35

Muminamillion - we are praying for a westerly gale! The weather forecast is looking "good" !

Dh and I are doing it with my Mum & Dad and my borther and SIL. Even though I cycle in to wrok every day, dh and I iwll porbably be the slowest of the group as we have done no other cycling recently, whereas Mum and Dad are out regularly on long cycle rides.

MUMINAMILLION Mon 20-Sep-04 13:36:31

Hi Tessiebear! I dont seem to need a break too often - I think Im just used to them always being there! Mind you, Ive just started an art course on a Friday, and my sis has them for me. I do really enjoy having some time to myself then. Hope I dont get too used to it as its only for 10wks!! I cant see the girls going to secondary school. They are enjoying being HE'd too much. They didnt settle at primary, so I dont think they could ever settle at high school. My oldest would be due to start next year, and she is making no signs of being interested, if anything, she's becoming more adamant that she never wants to go back. I think it is the influence of her school-going friends who hate all the extra work in P7!!

Prettybird - how did the cyclethon go? Are you still alive or did you come in first???

Prettybird Tue 21-Sep-04 08:41:24

Muminamillion - yes we completed the 50 miles.

However, it was somewhat spoiled by dh discovering on Saturday morning that someone had broken into our garage overnight and stolen his bike - complete with child seat, his helmet and ds' helmet They left my bike though - which is the one we were thinking of replacing

He ended up having to borrow his nephew's bike for the ride - which had dodgy gears which crunched and fell into the wheel, breaking spokes, as we went into Avonbridge. We did eventually manage the rest of the route without incident - once he had worked out he was OK if he only used 3 of the gears on the middle cog.

He's now having to drive ds to nursery - which may cause problmes as I have first call on the car (as my company pays for it).

It buggered up my plans fro Saturday too - what with the ploice and the crime scenes person -hence me not jotting down the koeksisters recipe.

MUMINAMILLION Wed 22-Sep-04 21:16:42

Cant believe it - how awful!! You must feel so frustrated and angry! You did so well to carry on and do the cyclethon after all that though. I think I would have used it as a very very good excuse to bow out (no motivation!) And to complete it too - well done!!

labuschagne Tue 14-Jun-16 17:40:02

You really dont have to travel that far just for some biltong ( luckily I live around the corner from my 'pusher' LOL) St. Marcus Fine Foods deliver all over the UK, by oldest goes to uni in Edinburgh and they deliver from london to Scotland too! its £5.50 for next day delivery... kids are in heaven, but I'm the one that pays LOL

kitchenunit Tue 14-Jun-16 17:44:43



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