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Hello Newbie from Nr Bath.

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MistressMary Mon 23-Aug-04 22:05:13

Hello just to say hello I'm a 33 year old mum to a nine month old baby boy.
My partner works long hours so get quite lonely and down, would like to meet/chat with people on here hopefully and see what it is like here.

ebbie22 Mon 23-Aug-04 22:08:26

HIya,I live in bedfordshire and have a dd 20 months...

Goldfish Mon 23-Aug-04 22:20:45

hi MistressMary, my dh works away and it is nice to get on here and have a chat. I have 2 ds quite a bit older than yours - age 9 and 10.

Aero Mon 23-Aug-04 23:47:00

Welcome to mumsnet MM - no need to get lonely - loads of 'virtual' friends here to 'talk' to! I have a seven month old ds and also two others - ds1 is 6 and dd is 4. Just throw yourself in anywhere and you'll be made most welcome by mners!

spacemonkey Tue 24-Aug-04 00:00:46

Hi MistressMary and welcome to mumsnet

sykes Tue 24-Aug-04 00:02:42

Sm, what are you doing? Shouldn't you be wabdering down upper street? How's London?

sykes Tue 24-Aug-04 00:03:20

Meant wandering.

Stripymouse Tue 24-Aug-04 08:07:27

Hi MM - Im a 31yr old and have a nine month old baby too but mine is a girl. (Also have a 3 yr old girl). Sorry to hear that you are often lonely and down - hope mumsnet cheers you up.
Which side of Bath do you live?

MistressMary Tue 24-Aug-04 08:27:51

Hello there again, I'm in Melksham to be exact, small town with not a lot going on.
Thanks for the welcome messages, it looks like a friendly and helpful place.

littlerach Tue 24-Aug-04 14:23:03

hi, I amin heywood, not too far away!!

have 3 yr old and 2 wk old, hence crap typing and rarely get on here now!!

check out the meet up posts, as there are a few in wilts, also bath.

xoz Tue 24-Aug-04 15:44:37

Hi I'm in Swindon... not far from Melksham.
Welcome to Mumsnet. As Littlerach said we're trying to organise a Swindon meetup, not very sucessfully so far, but you'd be welcome to join us if you wanted to. Look here

MaryChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 23:36:18

Well still here and mumsnet has helped.
My boy is a teething one year old now and my man still works long hours.
I'm still in the young dirty thirties and in Wiltshire.
Thanks to you all for making us feel welcome, just all emotional at the mo too, with chrimbo round the bend.
Or is that me? May the fun continue anyhow.

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