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mum2monkey says hello

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mum2monkey Wed 16-May-07 19:37:10

Hi all.Just a short post to introduce me and the family.I am 31 and have been married to dh for nearly 2 years (took me 10 years to get him to though!).We have one dd she is 6yrs old but a right little tomboy.We live in Kings Lynn Norfolk.

NoodleStroodle Wed 16-May-07 19:38:30

Hello & welcome

nickytwotimes Wed 16-May-07 19:40:29

hi mumtomonkey. hope you enjoy mning. it is very addictive!

funnypeculiar Wed 16-May-07 19:44:57

hello, and welcome to mn

southeastastra Wed 16-May-07 19:50:22


Washersaurus Wed 16-May-07 19:57:41

<waves> Hello!

mum2monkey Wed 16-May-07 20:02:19

Thanks for the nice welcome.Looked at netmums but like mumsnet a whole lot better

southeastastra Wed 16-May-07 20:28:21

do you mind if i ask how you started a thread in the member profiles topic? as i thought it was 'retired' ha

mum2monkey Wed 16-May-07 20:41:20

Hi southeastastra.Iwent onto the search heading and typed in PROFILE.It gave me a list of discussions so i clicked on it and it came up with loads of old threads.Iwent to the bottom of the list and it had create a new conversation in membership profiles,so thats how.It took me ages to do this as there is no heading for member profiles.Why is this tech?.Hope you can understand this and well done for reading all this!

southeastastra Wed 16-May-07 20:48:57

ah i see!

yes i thought they'd got rid of member profiles, but seems you can still start threads that way. otherwise the option to start new threads in topics is always at the top

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