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Hi I'm new and I cant find anything

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millie76 Wed 16-May-07 09:47:16

Hi, I'm new to mumsnet, recommended by a friend who saw that being a SAHM was starting to get to me. Have been trying to find my way around the site, but can't find any of the things she told me about, so am going to have to get her round to show me. Although I did find a few interesting adverts about jobs working from home - which might be just what I need right now before the baby brain totally kicks in!

Anyway, I'm Millie, I'm 31 and I'm from Sheffield and I have two children and am pregnant with number three.

LilyLoo Wed 16-May-07 09:48:12

Welcome , what you looking for ?

DumbledoresGirl Wed 16-May-07 09:49:00

Hello Millie and welcome!

What is it you are trying to find? Or do you mostly want to chat?

Perhaps we can help you.

brimfull Wed 16-May-07 09:50:51

hi millie,you'll soon be hooked.

PinkTulips Wed 16-May-07 09:53:21

try clicking on active convoes at the top and you'll get a list of recently posted on threads, best way tokeep up with the action


fryalot Wed 16-May-07 09:54:34

hi millie

you'll soon be an old hand. welcome

burek Wed 16-May-07 10:07:29

you can use Active Conversations to join in or read stuff that is happening at the mo, or save a list of favourite subjects in the Find New Messages (at the top) so you can see if anything interesting has been posted in a particular area.
I think that if you're ever stuck on how to use mumsnet, you could just ask a question and there's usually plenty of people online that will help you out straight away.

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