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I'm a desperate newbie!! Feel like I need help with everything!!!

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mumtogusnalbie Tue 03-Apr-07 08:32:17

hello - how are you today? Hope your naughty little DD1 is behaving herself and not weeing all over the place. (Should point out to all mners - SWTB is my sister!!)

Littleeasterlapin - LOL at groin!!

Hope everyone has a good day!

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Apr-07 22:36:52

Hello, nice to see you

Jump right in and have fun

littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 22:35:26

there are worse ones, but I won't be rude in front of a newbie

bunnypeculiar Mon 02-Apr-07 22:33:02

Hello swtb
And little lapin, I think we need a new [groin] emoticon - note to tech...

JackieNo Mon 02-Apr-07 22:29:03

at [groin]. I also like [gin] ()

littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 22:27:57

Also - have a look at the acronyms list (Useful stuff - above) to explain all the DS, DD, DH things etc and the bit to the right of where you type your post which shows smilies etc so you don't do what I did and end up typing [groin] instead of

JackieNo Mon 02-Apr-07 22:08:16

Hi SWTB - welcome to MN. Know what you mean about feeling like you've lost sight of yourself, but I definitely feel that MN helps me to be myself more, and to have more confidence in myself, too. Hope you can get some good stuff from it too.

swtb Mon 02-Apr-07 22:07:49

Thank you - if only there were more hours in the day - at least no sandwiches to make tonight as DH has got a week off work and DD1 is on school hols! grin

ucm Mon 02-Apr-07 21:57:05

Hi SWTB, I am in Essex too. Take your time, use the active conversations bit at the top to give you a taste of the varied conversations. They move very fast though, and only list the last 60 posts. Also browse the topic lists so you know exactly what topics are on here.


littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 21:56:12


You'll get loads of help here if you want it, alternatively you can just babble about stuff and cheer yourself up like the rest of us

snowwonder Mon 02-Apr-07 21:55:54

welcome, you will soon realise we all have bad days, dont dwel on it learn from it
i am sure you are a fab mum

swtb Mon 02-Apr-07 21:53:52

Hi girls (and boys) - my sis recommended this site. I live in Essex and am a SAHM with a 2 DDs, just turned 5 and 2 1/2. DH works all hours in London and is knackered when he gets in. I had a good career back in the days - now feel like I've lost sight of myself! Love my kids to bits but not convinced I'm a good mum or wife at the mo.
Maybe just having a bad day!!
Anyway looking forward to using the site and chatting with you (not always this mis!!).

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