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Hi all, newbie here

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yummymummy83 Mon 02-Apr-07 15:10:08

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Heather and mum to dd who is 2yrs and ds who is 4mths. Is there anyone in the hertfordshire area who wants to chat? x

ssd Mon 02-Apr-07 15:12:22


I'm in Scotland!

MN is great, you'll soon find yourself addicted!

Flamesparrow Mon 02-Apr-07 15:13:04


tigersEasterchick Mon 02-Apr-07 15:13:30

Hi there. Reasonably new myself, and totally hooked. Prepare to get very little else done!

GameGirly Mon 02-Apr-07 15:13:31

Welccome, ssd. Very nice people on here.

ChocolateSucksWithoutSugar Mon 02-Apr-07 15:16:39

Hello - how did you manage to post on member profiles then - the section doesn't exist any more .

I'm in N Herts and have a nearly 14 month old dd - whereabouts are you?

Nemo2007 Mon 02-Apr-07 15:18:40

not in Herts in liverpool but thought would introduce myself I am Nemo been here nearly 4 yrs completely addicted and am a stay at home mum to Ds[3.5yrs], DD1 [15mths] and DD2 [3mths]

yummymummy83 Mon 02-Apr-07 19:12:55

Aww wasn't sure if anyone would reply, thanx guys!! awww. 4yrs nemo?? blimey you are addicted arn't you?lol! ;)xx

chocolate sucks without sugar, Im in Knebworth, i found this section when i first registered, strange! where about's are you? xx

Thanks guys xxx

PestoEasterMonster Mon 02-Apr-07 19:16:00

Welcome welcome!
I am from Hertfordshire originally but am now based on South Coast. We are coming up for Easter weekend with the grandparents though.

CadburyCremeSquonk Mon 02-Apr-07 19:18:47


Nowhere near herts, but wanted to say "hello" and welcome to mn

<<<evil laugh>>>

She's ours now girls

ScottishThistle Mon 02-Apr-07 19:20:56

Hi there & welcome!

I'm quite new myself!

DimpledThighs Mon 02-Apr-07 19:29:25


nowhere near you but right behind you in cyber space!

browse threads have fun and don't take things too seriously!

3easterbunniesandnomore Mon 02-Apr-07 19:31:17

hi there....I am in Northamptonshire (Corby) , so, only about an hour hour and a half away from ya
And yes, MN is definately ratehr addictive....!
I am Kerstin, SAHM with 3 boys and dh in the army and right now away in Afghanistan.

ChocolateSucksWithoutSugar Mon 02-Apr-07 20:12:36

Ah, then I'm not far away at all - we're near Kimpton. Do keep an eye on the meet up board - there are a few of us in the area who do occasionally manage a meet (and manage to talk about meeting an awful lot more ).

(Oh, and this is just an Easter name, so keep an eye out for any name with initials CSWS, as it's likely to be me!)

ChocolateSucksWithoutSugar Mon 02-Apr-07 20:13:01

Were you born in 83 btw?

littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 20:18:18


All my family are in Hertfordshire but I'm loitering on the South Coast now. Welcome to MN! It's not finding someone to chat with - it's trying to get them to shut up that is the tricky bit!

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Apr-07 20:22:39

welcome to MN

am nowhere near you but being with people on here is more fun than RL anyway

littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 20:29:22

Shiver me timbers, it's Franny!

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Apr-07 20:31:32

sorry, we do get a few ODD TYPES on here

littleEasterlapin Mon 02-Apr-07 20:36:06

Ignore me, yummymummy83, I'm just teasing Franny (she's got a thing about pirates ).

My sister lives not far from you and will be joining the yummy mummy ranks in June, I am trying to lure her onto MN!

bunnypeculiar Mon 02-Apr-07 20:44:12

evening! No-where near you in RL ... but welcome to mn!

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