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luciemule Tue 27-Mar-07 22:23:10

Oh - still little then. If it were me, I'd definitely give a bowl of porridge with formula rather than whole milk - if he eats it.

lunablue Tue 27-Mar-07 22:10:55

He's almost 8m

luciemule Tue 27-Mar-07 22:08:53

Yes - that's the reason I gave DD and DS formula (until DS was 2) - as they weren't eating great diets so figured formula was enriched with daily amounts of vits and mins. Have now stopped formula now DS is two and HV laughed at me when I said he was still on it. He is only just on the 9th percentile though! How old is your Ds?

lunablue Tue 27-Mar-07 22:01:53

Isn't it meant to be full of iron and stuff they need that isn't in cows' milk?

luciemule Tue 27-Mar-07 22:01:14

I used to give DD, who was totally BF, weetabix with formula and she loved it.I did cheese sauce and everything until I gave her cow's milk.

Spidermama Tue 27-Mar-07 21:52:32

I wonder why you'd use formula rather than ordinary milk?

lunablue Tue 27-Mar-07 21:51:30

Thanks bramblina, good idea I'll try and do that!

bramblina Tue 27-Mar-07 21:30:04

Hi lunablue. Welcome!
You should try putting this topic in to "weaning", you'll find that under the heading "topic list" at the top of this page. You'll get more responses that way.
However, I can't see why formula wouldn't be wise, if you can no longer express.

lunablue Tue 27-Mar-07 21:22:55

Hello, brand new MNer here! Any thoughts gratefully received...DS totally breastfed; is it OK to use formula milk for porridge? I've been expressing till now. That sounds even madder written down than it did just in my head!!

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