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12 week old little boy on 1000ml milk a day

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SarahLouH Fri 23-Mar-07 18:05:24


I see there's a thread on weening but i don't think it covers what I need to know. Does anyone know about "bulking powders" they used to add to milk pre-weening. Sounds awful but ma swore by it for my hungry sister back in 70s. Don't know what to do about my DS who is going to be on burgers soon the way he's going.

Thanks. Happy Spring.


wildwoman Fri 23-Mar-07 18:06:45

what's 1000ml in ounces?

Kif Fri 23-Mar-07 18:18:48

have you spoken to your hv?

I believe you're not meant to add anything to bottles these days. If that's really what yo want, you can buy 'hungry baby' formula, but that can give little ones tummy ache

raspberryberet Fri 23-Mar-07 18:24:13

1000ml is about 34oz.

Not a good idea to add anything to milk at all, since the baby's gut can't cope with anything other than milk at this stage.

Hungry baby formula is more bulky and less easy to digest, which is why it fills them up for longer, but it can lead to constipation and an upset tummy.

Otherwise increase his milk - it may just be a growth spurt.

wildwoman Fri 23-Mar-07 18:26:58

he should be having (as a v rough guideline) 2 1/2 fl ounces per pound of bodyweight in 24 hrs. so it doesn't sound like its an excessive intake at all.

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