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Hello Mumsnetters, another newbie here!

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trsmummy Mon 19-Feb-07 13:58:18

Hi All

Stumbled accross the site on Friday and have to say I love it. Seems so much friendlier than other Mum sites!

Printed off the PFB conversation to read on the train home from work on Friday. I'd had a bad day (still a bit PND) but it made me laugh out loud...cue lots of funny looks from people thinking I was reading 'work type' documents...


MamaG Mon 19-Feb-07 14:17:18

i see you found it mellow!

Mellowma Mon 19-Feb-07 14:18:12

Message withdrawn

fortyplus Mon 19-Feb-07 14:22:13

MamaG - you're cheeky!

Mellowma Mon 19-Feb-07 14:29:07

Message withdrawn

MamaG Mon 19-Feb-07 14:29:42

<<glares at mellowma>>

behave yourself young lady

Mellowma Mon 19-Feb-07 14:35:56

Message withdrawn

TRS Mon 19-Feb-07 14:41:26

Mellowma."...and you have to be nice to me too, always, although there is reason you would not be nice to be anyways...."

What reason would I have not to be nice to you...? Or am i getting myself confused here?

Mellowma Mon 19-Feb-07 15:44:51

Message withdrawn

PrincessD Thu 22-Feb-07 13:20:36

Hi There

Another Newbie here, just taking time out for a cuppa while ds (2) is having lunch and then going to pick dd (6) up from school. Lots of really good advice here, am only 29 but first of all my mates to have any kiddies so seen as an old hand at it all (dont tell them I know nothing )! So looking forward to lots of chats! D

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