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Hello Mumsnetters, another newbie here!

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trsmummy Mon 19-Feb-07 13:58:18

Hi All

Stumbled accross the site on Friday and have to say I love it. Seems so much friendlier than other Mum sites!

Printed off the PFB conversation to read on the train home from work on Friday. I'd had a bad day (still a bit PND) but it made me laugh out loud...cue lots of funny looks from people thinking I was reading 'work type' documents...


JackieNo Mon 19-Feb-07 13:59:25

Hi trsmummy - welcome to Mumsnet.

Marscentio Mon 19-Feb-07 14:00:17

Hi and welcome!

lissielou Mon 19-Feb-07 14:01:11

welcome to mn.. youll never want to leave

MrsBadger Mon 19-Feb-07 14:01:51

glad you liked the PFB thread, but as for being friendlier than other mum sites...

we are a nest of vipers really

IntergalacticDave Mon 19-Feb-07 14:02:47


hippmummy Mon 19-Feb-07 14:02:56

Leave before it's too late - you'll become addicted......

Hi and welcome x

Nip Mon 19-Feb-07 14:03:26


princessmel Mon 19-Feb-07 14:03:34

what was the pfb thread? Remind me. I was busy last week.

fortyplus Mon 19-Feb-07 14:04:35

Hi - there was a thread the other day saying it was sad to include mummy in your name - so change it, quick!
You can tell what a sad old git I am from my name.
Welcome to mn - it's fun

MrsBadger Mon 19-Feb-07 14:06:32

princessmel - this one

MamaG Mon 19-Feb-07 14:06:32

hi trsmummy - welcome

yeah, there was a thread about having "mummy" or mum in your name , if you have any problems let me know and I'll sort em out!

princessmel Mon 19-Feb-07 14:06:42

I was going to mention the 'mummy' name but thought it was too unfriendly fortyplus!!!

trsmummy Mon 19-Feb-07 14:07:34

It was all about Paranoid First Born moments - I had most of them, and a few more on top

princessmel Mon 19-Feb-07 14:07:52

Oh, pfb = precious first born. I remember now. Thanks Mrs B.

fortyplus Mon 19-Feb-07 14:09:06

princessmel I'm ever so friendly, really!

MamaG Mon 19-Feb-07 14:09:50

I think fortyplus was being protective and kind - am i right moonbeam?

Limbodancer Mon 19-Feb-07 14:11:14

Hi Trsmummy,
Welcome to the mad world of MN you will never have a clean house again.

TRS Mon 19-Feb-07 14:13:19

Have taken your advice fortyplus and ditched the mummy ;) is filthy anyway cos I'm at work!

MamaG Mon 19-Feb-07 14:14:05

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 14:15:02

hello and welcome !x

princessmel Mon 19-Feb-07 14:15:24


I've just washed my kitchen/hall floor actually. Feeling very entitled to some mn time.

JillyBeansNW Mon 19-Feb-07 14:15:40

Welcome trsmummy, from a relative newbie (already addicted - house is a wreck - love this nest of vipers though )

Now, has anyone told you about iSketch

Mellowma Mon 19-Feb-07 14:16:48

Message withdrawn

TRS Mon 19-Feb-07 14:17:16

ooo no, whats iSketch?

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