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hi new here

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heypickme Mon 19-Feb-07 12:14:12

Hi everyone,

Not sure if i should be here or not, my kids are a little older than most of your seem to be, my ds is 15yrs and dd 12yrs.

I am 36, Live in NWLondon would love to hear from people who maybe have kids around my kids ages so we can help each other through teenage years or around my age who are looking to make friends

Look forward to hearing from someone xx

DumbledoresGirl Mon 19-Feb-07 12:15:16

Hello. My oldest is 10 but there are plenty of people here with older children. I am sure someone will respond soon!

littlelapin Mon 19-Feb-07 12:16:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fortyplus Mon 19-Feb-07 12:18:16

There are lots of people with teenagers on mn. Mine are 11 & 13 and I'm 45.
Take a look at active conversations - someone's son has crashed his mate's moped.

Have a good time and welcome to mumsnet.

Careful, though... it's addictive!

fryalot Mon 19-Feb-07 12:19:44

hi. my dd1 is 13, although my other two are quite little. Hope you like it here (as fortyplus said - it's addictive!)

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