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lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:03:57

its even brighter this morning

eviletc Mon 29-Jan-07 08:47:54

morning lissie - i was up at 5 with dd! glad other people were being...constructive at that time of day!
try drs today honey, the waiting game is no fun.{{{hug}}}

Uki Mon 29-Jan-07 10:22:30

oh lissie
don't know how else to put this -you are in a state.
I should know have been there, but can i just suggest you hold your horses a wee bit. I mean if you are pg, it may be too early for scan i.e you won't have a hb, and then if you do see pg you'll then have another anxious wait till hb scan, so hold up a little, and wait for a scan. If it's meant to be it will be be, and we all hope it is.
start taking your folic acid and vits and good luck.

Biglips Mon 29-Jan-07 10:23:29

oooh.. i wonder if you was carrying twins???

KezzaG Mon 29-Jan-07 10:27:56

Oh well done lissie. I have heard so many stories of people bleeding in early pg and going on to have healthy babies I so hope this is the case for you.

I really dont want to be a harbinger of doom, but when I had bleeding I asked my gp if I could do a home test to see if I had mc, and she said the pregnancy hormone can stay in your body for up to 6 weeks after so its no guarantee.

However, my heart is thudding in excitment for you and I so so hope all is ok.

KezzaG Mon 29-Jan-07 10:28:50

Actually I have just read again and you said that it is even brighter this morning, so that would suggest that I am talking crap and all is ok. Good luck!

Lullabyloo Mon 29-Jan-07 15:14:52

i am so hoping for you my lovely....

nice toes by the way

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 19:24:49

thank you all, trying to stay calm but have no self control at all

Califrau Mon 29-Jan-07 19:34:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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