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lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:03:57

its even brighter this morning

mamama Mon 29-Jan-07 05:12:08

sandcastles Mon 29-Jan-07 05:13:25


lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:15:03

cant believe it. will ring gp as soon as it opens, or i have scan anyway tomorrow, should i wait?

dejags Mon 29-Jan-07 05:15:44

Lissie - that's great news

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:17:45

been bleeding quite heavily but if it was left over hormones it wouldnt be that bright would it?

dejags Mon 29-Jan-07 05:18:39

Not sure Lissie.

How long have you been bleeding for?

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:22:32

since weds. has all but stopped now.

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 05:25:21

Ooh that's a good sign

When's your scan?

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:26:24

tomorrow!! might see if i can get in today tho

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 05:27:50

Oh that tomorrow (in my head it's still Sunday - but that's because I have to get up in 2 hours ).

I'd call as soon as the GP opens then or the hospital and try and get a scan today. They can't make you wait - it's torture

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:29:01

totally agree i took it into dh and woke him up to look at it

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 05:30:15

I'm not surprised. I'd be running down the street showing strangers

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 05:31:41

Right - am going to try and get some sleep. Really hope it's all good news for you x

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 05:32:13

im shaking. was told by my gp that it was another mc (ive had 3 in the past 18m)but it seems the bean is a stubborn little bugger <<<crossing everything>>>

bubbles4 Mon 29-Jan-07 07:25:38

keeping my fingers crossed for you lissie

Whimsy Mon 29-Jan-07 07:49:58

Fingers crossed for you here too

karenj1980 Mon 29-Jan-07 07:57:57

fingers are crossed lissie - let us all know straight away x

Heavenis Mon 29-Jan-07 08:03:03

Fingers crossed for you. Good vibes too.

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 08:05:28

lol thanks all. cant believe i put a pic of a wee stick on a website seemed a good idea at 5am tho

karenj1980 Mon 29-Jan-07 08:30:53

yes it is very funny your pee stick lol

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 08:42:31

Scootergirl Mon 29-Jan-07 08:44:46

Fingers crossed for you lissie x
I'm not looking forward to the pix of piles and morning sickness though....

me23 Mon 29-Jan-07 08:45:34

good luck, I would push gp for sending you for the scan today!
they can do it.

lissielou Mon 29-Jan-07 08:46:36

ah spoilsport., just spoke to gp, no can do

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