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Look what my ds did to his hair this morning!!!

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largeginandtonic Sun 28-Jan-07 10:13:25

I cant believe it, it was long and curly.

CheesyFeet Sun 28-Jan-07 10:22:47

He cut it himself? (sorry but )

He's still a sweetie though

trice Sun 28-Jan-07 10:24:19

looks cute to me

largeginandtonic Sun 28-Jan-07 10:28:47

No laughing allowed, im devastated and 25 weeks pregnant, i keep crying. DH pointed out (rightly so) that at least he didnt stab himself. Gaahhhh children, cant believe im having #6! Somebody shoot me.....

PinkTulips Sun 28-Jan-07 10:30:48

it suits him that length... just needs to be neatened up a bit

(not a big fan of long hair on boys tbh so in my eyes it's definitely an improvement!)

kittypants Sun 28-Jan-07 10:34:14

he still looks cute!
my dd did it at school but only one side and was too short for bob etc.we disguised it until it grew abit then bobbed it!but oh curls!!

CheesyFeet Sun 28-Jan-07 10:36:30

I'm sorry you're so upset. It will grow again though, so all is not lost.

He is a sweetheart, even with short hair.

estar Mon 29-Jan-07 10:36:50

Oh chicken!

He looks so much like my dt2 and I recently cut his curls off cos I thought he would look tidier then instantly regretted it. And I had no one else to blame!

Still utterly gorgeous tho and not bad for his first try - pretty even. You might make a hairdresser out of him in the future

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