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Hugos birthday cake, the aftermath

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largeginandtonic Sat 27-Jan-07 12:09:30

It did look ok until someones little fingers attacked it.....!

DumbledoresGirl Sat 27-Jan-07 12:14:08

Is this the before picture?

largeginandtonic Sat 27-Jan-07 12:17:24

This is after i went in the shower this morning and all the other 'helpful' children took him in to the kitchen to see his cake that mummy made him last night....."we couldnt stop his fingers mummy" grrrrrr

DumbledoresGirl Sat 27-Jan-07 12:18:50

Oh, it still looks OK to me but then, I don't know what it looked like before.

estar Sat 27-Jan-07 12:50:16

You made it? Bravo (no wonder you're ready to drive back home!)

lulumama Sat 27-Jan-07 13:11:23

you are so very clever ! x

twelveyeargap Sat 27-Jan-07 14:16:51

You're such a clever clogs. You're my hero!

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