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Hugo's 2nd birthday

(10 Posts)
largeginandtonic Sat 27-Jan-07 12:05:38

Opening pressies

NotAnOtter Sat 27-Jan-07 12:08:40

he looks lovely- what is he wearing!

largeginandtonic Sat 27-Jan-07 12:13:10

He has his gap jimjams on, very soon to be wearing a firemans hat and riding round on his new fireman sam truck!

lulumama Sat 27-Jan-07 12:13:50

bless lovely ! happy second birthday ! x

Saturn74 Sat 27-Jan-07 12:14:59

Happy birthday, Hugo!
Great photo.

SKYTVADDICT Sat 27-Jan-07 12:21:47

Happy birthday Hugo x

twelveyeargap Sat 27-Jan-07 14:15:20

Happy Birthday Hugs!

suzycreamcheese Sat 27-Jan-07 14:23:12

have lots of cake and fun hugo!
happy birthday

ShowOfHands Sat 27-Jan-07 14:41:18

Many happy returns to the wonderful little Hugs.

Such a cute little boy. I hope the rest of the brood are spoiling him too.

Overrun Sun 28-Jan-07 15:02:40

Lovely photo lrgeg&t

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