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Eidsvold's sunshine girls...

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eidsvold Fri 26-Jan-07 06:31:23

one of the latest pics taken of my gorgeous girls who seem to be growing up too fast!!!

Califrau Mon 29-Jan-07 19:51:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:50:58


Obviously wanted to make sure everyone saw my spelling mistake

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:50:26

Oh they are gorgoues and growing up so fast

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:49:48

Oh they are gorgoues and growing up so fast

TeeCee Sun 28-Jan-07 10:27:39

Lovely, put a really big on my face.

CheesyFeet Sun 28-Jan-07 10:23:46

Aww they are gorgeous

@ pretty summer dresses

theheadgirl Sun 28-Jan-07 10:15:31

they are both lovely gals.

arfishyhasaheadache Sun 28-Jan-07 09:51:04

Gorgeous Eids, really gorgeous.

eidsvold Sun 28-Jan-07 08:02:22

dd1 is almost 4 1/2 - turns 5 this August

theheadgirl Sat 27-Jan-07 11:29:19

Lovely girls. How old is DD1 eidsvold? My DD3 is 6 and has DS. Take a look at her on my profile

Frenchsmallfry Sat 27-Jan-07 10:33:43

Beautiful, you must be very proud.

Socci Fri 26-Jan-07 18:30:45

Message withdrawn

foxabout2pop Fri 26-Jan-07 18:27:15

Eids your girls are beautiful

princessmel Fri 26-Jan-07 14:14:34

Thats a lovely pic. It reminds me of the photos my friend sends of her children from Mission Beach.

Skyler Fri 26-Jan-07 14:12:04


sandcastles Fri 26-Jan-07 13:01:31

They are gorgeous, Eids!

mymama Fri 26-Jan-07 10:39:35

eidsvold - biggest shock with a blue after a pink is the nappy changing. I had to ask dh how to "tuck" it comfortably !!

dejags - 4 bedrooms in north of Brisbane. Walking distance to local school, grocery shops. A lot of expats here too. They seem to have flocked here and multiplied! All popping out 3rd and 4th babies everywhere!!! We are due out 4th October though so might be a little off track.

sunnywong Fri 26-Jan-07 10:11:07

beautiful eids!

eidsvold Fri 26-Jan-07 10:06:02

dd2 is dh all over - although we have some pics of me at about 18 months with lighter hair than I have now and her facial features are more mine - they both have my shaped lips!! but when out with them - I look like the nanny

eidsvold Fri 26-Jan-07 10:04:59

dh mossy - I am dark haired with brown eyes. Dd1 was born with a mop of black hair that just got lighter and lighter.

dd2 has clear blue eyes like her dad. Dd1 has a green/blue eyes. Their fair hair is their dads as well.

3rdTriMossTer Fri 26-Jan-07 10:01:05

Aw they are cute, Eids who do they look like most you or your dh?

Miaou Fri 26-Jan-07 09:59:21

Eidsvold, I had a blue after two pinks ... it's lovely The thought of it was a little daunting but I didn't know before he was born - and I was so surprised! (I kept forgetting he was a boy too, and got a shock each time I changed his nappy )

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 09:58:52

oooh I know - everybody just assumes we only got pregnant because we wanted a girl.

grrr... well firstly it wasn't planned and secondly it's none of your damn business...

I was totally delighted that the baby was healthy first and obviously over the moon to be having a little girl. It totally irritates me though that even close family thought another little boy would be a disappointment.

pet peeve.

eidsvold Fri 26-Jan-07 09:54:42

and I am getting annoyed at everyone who keeps saying no doubt dh wants a boy etc... nah he adores the dds and no doubt will adore this one whatever gender. People have been saying - so no3 - you'll be wanting a boy then!!

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 09:50:10

I know the feeling Eidsvold - we are having a girl after two boys. I hadn't quite realised how expensive it is to start over again - especially the decor as all the boys' stuff is blue, blue blue.

mymama - where abouts in brisbane? how many bedrooms does it have? do you have any pictures? we are scheduled to arrive in 1st week of December, so this is a real possibility.

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