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9mo dd2 and her love affair with.....

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zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 22:15:33

the hoover!!! If I let her she would spend all day lying on the hoover to switch it on and putting her face over the fan. Mad child!

Lullabyloo Thu 25-Jan-07 22:19:58

another lo obsessed with hoovers!
my ds is 2.5 and the love affair continues
tres tres cute by the way

Hulababy Thu 25-Jan-07 22:20:50

LOL; how cute

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 22:21:44

Excellent! She's not a complete nutcase then?! My dd1 and ds (5 and 2.7) hate them and scream when I hoover!

Beauregard Thu 25-Jan-07 22:22:53

My dd2(12months) is the same,she actually squeals with excitement and bounces when i wheel the hoover out,lol.
Great piccie

Plibble Thu 25-Jan-07 22:24:46

LOL - very sweet. My hoover comes out so rarely that DD is terrified of it! [Grin]

divamumdiva Thu 25-Jan-07 22:31:38

what does surprise me is my dd 21m old she cries her eyes out when we hoover since 5m old. she doesnt like hair drier, washing machine, dish washer, anything makes noise like that. we went friends and her dd has all this home appl. toys and she cried, so left for home. dh does hoover when we out.
do you think she is weird?

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 22:33:13

NO I wouldn't say she's weird! My ds hates things like that too - hoover and hairdryer esp!

TheArmadillo Thu 25-Jan-07 22:34:02

ds (2.3)'s love affair with the hoover is still continuing. I have to hoover when he is out or it takes hours

Lullabyloo Thu 25-Jan-07 22:39:15

if we go into a shop & they are hoovering-especially with a HENRY....ds lies on the floor to watch & positively refuses to leave said shop.
I have to negotiate with hoovering assistant to put the hoover to bed as he's worked very hard & is very tired etc....
Bonkers and very tedious at times....

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 22:49:23

Lulabyloo! I bet he's so funny (the first few times )

Lullabyloo Thu 25-Jan-07 22:58:11

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think even the shop assistants are a wee bit tired of it now though.
shame his obsession will have prob burnt itself out by the time he's a teenager & am begging for help with the darn hoovering ...

Tommy Thu 25-Jan-07 23:01:33

aww - very cute.

At that age, my DSs had never seen the hoover.....

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