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Have a look at my pushchair please and tell me why it doesn't seem to exist anywhere?

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colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:18:45

I have googled and googled myself blue in the face. I cannot find a pushchair that looks like mine. And until I do I can't ebay it! As I want to know how much they go for new.

Skyler Fri 26-Jan-07 20:43:42

I have that one!!! I bought it on ebay for £60 three years ago. The big wheels are wonderful!!
Def Urban Detour and I think it is a Pinnacle. I have my instructions somewhere...
Cocoa and Cream. From Mothercare.

munz Fri 26-Jan-07 20:38:01

did you list it? there's this one here not sure if it's you or not thou - might be worht watchin.

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 23:12:09

oh no dont sell it then. the new ones are rubbish compared to these older ones,.

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 23:06:38

No don't sell it if you don't have to, I think it'll be hard to find one like it. I miss mine loads,although it had a dodgy front wheel that wiggled so much that people used to stop me and tell me it was falling off!

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:55:25

LOL I'm not selling it then. I like it too much. I'll sell the other one!

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 21:54:16

you might get £30 or it on ebay

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:53:29

It is a gorgeous pushchair. I paid £30 from a charity shop - it's so new the tyres still have bobbles on them!

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:45:41

I loved it

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:45:24

Yep - I've searched every website going and you def can't buy them new anymore. My Mum paid about £160 for mine.

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:44:11

ahhhh so that is why there aaren't any like it on the website?

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 21:29:45

its an urban detour, around 2000-02 i belive

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:29:14

It was called something like cocoa and creme because it was brown with a white fleecy bit on the footmuff.....

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:28:09

Nope it's an urban detour. It was out at the same time as the pinnacle, but not called a pinnacle. My Mum bought it when I had dd in 2001, from Mothercare.

littlemadam Thu 25-Jan-07 21:26:31

Are you sure its not a Jane?? Does it have a brake on the handlebar?

JackieNo Thu 25-Jan-07 21:26:24

Urban Detour Pinnacle?

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:24:07

the front wheel comes off

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:23:19

lol Yes it is. I remember now. I'll find one for you if I can, although I don't think you can still buy them...

munz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:23:07

looks like my detour althou my wheels are all the same size.

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:22:33


I don't Knowwwww!

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:22:09

YOu can't tell on that, but the back wheels are over 30 cm high

zephyrcat Thu 25-Jan-07 21:21:36

Ooh I had that pram!! Is it a Mothercare Urban Detour Cocoa and cream?

colditz Thu 25-Jan-07 21:21:12

Its an Urban detour but it doesn't look like any other urban detour I have seen. It has wheels like bike wheels.

chocolatebirdy Thu 25-Jan-07 21:21:00

Ah there!

marthamoo Thu 25-Jan-07 21:20:38

And don't say pushchair

chocolatebirdy Thu 25-Jan-07 21:20:29


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