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would you bin this?

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Lorina Thu 25-Jan-07 18:47:28

Yes I would definitely bin it. Not really fair to expect anyones kid to sit on mould ,or mould remover fumes.

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 18:43:41

googled it and apparently bathroom cleaner is very good.

SpaceCadet Thu 25-Jan-07 18:42:49

yes milton liquid..or supermarkets own brand.

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:41:34

space cadat is that the milton liquid? is there anything else that will kill the spores?

SpaceCadet Thu 25-Jan-07 18:28:30

if you clean it with milton you will kill the mould spores but wont get rid of them afraid it looks a little beyond redemption..

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 18:28:15

Ummm no idea! Normal stuff i suppose.

handlemecarefully Thu 25-Jan-07 18:26:52

Ugghhh - yes

alittlebitshy Thu 25-Jan-07 18:26:01

is it needed???? I may well bin it if a bit of mild scrubbing didn't work

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:25:28

tortoise what is the material on your buggy?

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:25:05

ist a chicco caddy lx. its from my parents house. its been in the garden undercover all winter.

Sheraz Thu 25-Jan-07 18:24:36

ahem - what colour aws it originally?

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 18:23:22

How do you get mould off? My double buggy has mould spots on it and they won't shift! Tried and failed selling it!

AllBuggiedOut Thu 25-Jan-07 18:23:19

Lordy - only worth it if you can take the cover off and put it in the washing machine, I say. Good luck!

alittlebitshy Thu 25-Jan-07 18:23:15

out of interest, what sort of buggy is it?

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:21:35

how much effort should i put in??

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 18:16:07

give it a good scrub , if it dont come clean then bin it.

NotAnOtter Thu 25-Jan-07 18:12:48


misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:12:11

this is my job for tonight.

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:11:27


Sheraz Thu 25-Jan-07 18:11:20

Most definitely or donate it to scientific research - might be a cure for something growing on there!

RubyRioja Thu 25-Jan-07 18:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Thu 25-Jan-07 18:09:52

moldy buggy?

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