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Ooooh I'm so proud of myself! Look what i made!

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tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 16:49:55

Ok may not be impressive to good cooks but here is my 1st attempt at mini quiches and they look and smell great!
I'm soooo impressed with myself!

ludaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 16:52:21

They look scrummy tort!!!!!!! You are very good aren't you with your quiches and lemon cakes!

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 16:58:41

Thanks luda.

Just tasted one.OMG! They are delish! And big DD's both said yummy and are eating a piece of one!

Saturn74 Thu 25-Jan-07 16:59:36

They look scrumptious, tortoise!

ludaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 16:59:54

ooooh can't be bad if the kids are eating them....well done you! xxxxxxx

FatFikAndFugly Thu 25-Jan-07 17:00:04

recipe please (if it's not difficult) they look yummy.

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 17:06:02

FFF they are a piece of wee to make!
Pastry- 100g(4oz) butter/marg
Pinch salt
225g(8oz) Plain flour
About 3 tbsp water.
Oven 200 deg.
Flour,salt,butter in bowl rub together til looks like breadcrumbs.mix in water a little at a time until forms a ball. Roll out,cut to size!

Filling- 2 eggs,200ml milk and whatever else you fancy! i did spring onion,ham and cheese.

Put filling in. Whisk milk and eggs together and pour over ingredients.
Bake for 20mins.


Hope that makes sense!

EllieHsMum Thu 25-Jan-07 17:09:53

Tort I am on my way save me one please You are so clever.

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 17:16:12


I hope DS's like them too.

shouldbedoingthehousework Thu 25-Jan-07 18:34:19

well done tort , you domestic goddess you! They look really great...puts my supper to shame...

DimpledThighs Thu 25-Jan-07 18:54:30

yum tort look fab. Am always in awe of anyone who can 'do' quiche!

tortoise Thu 25-Jan-07 21:37:33

Thanks DT.

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