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FAO jimjams and anyone who wants to see a chilled out guinea pig!!

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Biglips Thu 25-Jan-07 14:58:57

aawwwww...i love them and miss them too x

Jimjams2 Thu 25-Jan-07 14:57:28

aww so sweet!

JackieNo Thu 25-Jan-07 12:51:56

Chatee - can't you MN and cuddle them at the same time? You're a multi-tasking mummy, after all. Although 2 might be difficult, I'm sure you could cuddle one at a time...

sandcastles Thu 25-Jan-07 12:51:42

chatee, they are a bit more imagnative than our GP's names.

We got Bob & Wendy. Then 'Bob' had a baby (not Wendy's, as both are girls, Bob was pg in pet shop, but we didn't know) Now we have Dizzy!

Named by 3 yr old dd!

Bet'cha can't guess what she likes!

sandcastles Thu 25-Jan-07 12:49:09

How of ours used to do that!

chatee Thu 25-Jan-07 12:44:14

yes itsmeNDP, they are sadly named after SuperMario but Luigi has two names as the children can not agree on one name!!!!
ds who is only 3 at the end of next month insists on calling Luigi "Scrabble" and dd insists that as they are a pair they should be Mario and hence the compromise....poor guinea pigs...but they are just so cute(i have even cut down my mn time so i can sit and cuddle them-now that is serious!!!!)

itsmeNDP Thu 25-Jan-07 12:40:01

i am guessing that they are name after SuperMario but where does the scrabble bit coem from ?

JackieNo Thu 25-Jan-07 12:39:11

Very cute. Is 'Scrabble' their surname? Or does Luigi just have 2 names?

geekgrrl Thu 25-Jan-07 12:38:42

LOL, how cute

itsmeNDP Thu 25-Jan-07 12:37:20

rofl @ the back leg on the darker one

expatinscotland Thu 25-Jan-07 12:31:54


That guinea pig is SO cute.

I want, I want!

chatee Thu 25-Jan-07 12:22:20

Here they are

Mario and Luigi Scrabble having a cuddle (and yes Luigi Scrabble is supposed to have red eye)

don't ask about the choice of names

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