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DS4 - One week old........

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LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:01:08

<totally besotted sigh>

Flossam Tue 23-Jan-07 21:45:54

Aww he is lovely. I missed last weeks so glad to see him now. You are totally right to be such a proud mummy.

hatwoman Tue 23-Jan-07 21:47:24

oooo you lucky thing. he's wonderful. enjoy him. drink him in. savour every touch.

sockmonkey Wed 24-Jan-07 10:23:56

LTH... he is just lovely.
You must be so proud!

MrsJohnCusack Wed 24-Jan-07 10:52:56

oh look
so serious - lovely

schneebly Wed 24-Jan-07 10:55:50

he is byoooootiful! I want another!

dejags Wed 24-Jan-07 10:56:49

He's so lovely LTH. You lucky, lucky lady!

CountessDracula Wed 24-Jan-07 10:59:23


FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 10:59:50

Message withdrawn

Tommy Wed 24-Jan-07 10:59:51

awww he is gorgeous

FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 11:00:02

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Wed 24-Jan-07 11:03:11

Getting broody, icod?

Mumpbump Wed 24-Jan-07 13:19:13

Very cute - well defined features for such a young baby!

ItsMeMellowma Wed 24-Jan-07 13:20:40

gorgeous gorgeous

I am SO broody atm!! I want one!!

Pinkchampagne Wed 24-Jan-07 13:23:18

He's a cutie! I think he looks a lot like the picture you posted of your DS3 as a baby.

lulumama Wed 24-Jan-07 13:24:21

yummy scrummy............gorgeous...x

FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 13:24:54

Message withdrawn

Tutter Wed 24-Jan-07 13:28:11

well done on producing such a giood lookig one lth

ItsMeMellowma Wed 24-Jan-07 13:58:56

I would love one that only got up in the night for the first 6/8 weeks...

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