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Foxtrot's Princess and friends

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foxtrot Mon 22-Jan-07 14:06:19

Thanks to everyone who posted ideas for DD's Fairy Princess Party.

aww they look lovely! My dd (5) is v jealous!

Hulababy Mon 22-Jan-07 17:48:49

They look great!

UCM Mon 22-Jan-07 17:53:28

Ooooo, how scrumptious, I will have a pink one soon, can't wait to do this type of thing.

suzycreamcheese Mon 22-Jan-07 18:02:36

nice picture..

lissielou Mon 22-Jan-07 18:06:28

did she have a fab birthday?

foxtrot Mon 22-Jan-07 18:45:34

it was lovely to do a pink party after several dinosaur/cars/thomas tank events
lissielou how about you?

lulumama Mon 22-Jan-07 21:01:25

how utterly gorgeous !! cannot wait to do one for babylulu !!!

TeeCee Mon 22-Jan-07 21:05:51

Most of my DD's friends are boys so don't think I could get away with a pink party!
We settled for a Charlie & Lola theme and the boys didn't seem to mind that too much!

SherlockLGJ Mon 22-Jan-07 21:12:38


That photo is so cute.

However, can I respectfully suggest you make sure you remember to take it down before you go to bed. I would freak if I thought there was a photo of my child at a party posted on the WWW.

foxtrot Tue 23-Jan-07 07:12:09

Have done sherlock, wise advice, thank you!

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