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Here he is......LTH the 4th.

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LadyTophamHatt Wed 17-Jan-07 12:05:32


ellieandhattie Wed 17-Jan-07 15:45:58

gorgeous lth well done

theUrbanDryad Thu 18-Jan-07 09:17:31

all i can see is a rather nice landscape.

sussex i presume??

but i WANT to see the result of all LTH's hard work & trauma!!!

PrincessPeaHead Thu 18-Jan-07 16:46:15

oh poo I missed it!
put it up again please?

ludaloo Thu 18-Jan-07 16:48:55

Oh congratulation LTH....I have been lurking on your threads!!! At last!!!!

I can't see him though

SpookyMadMummy Thu 18-Jan-07 17:06:49

Oh poo. missed it

Flamesparrow Thu 18-Jan-07 17:12:04


LadyTophamHatt Sun 21-Jan-07 20:48:50

Back by popular demand.....

twoplusone Sun 21-Jan-07 20:58:46

he is gorgeous lth...

tortoiseSHELL Sun 21-Jan-07 20:59:16

Still cute!!!!

LadyTophamHatt Sun 21-Jan-07 21:00:52

I tried to put an "eyes open " photo but cant get it smaller....much better picture than this one so I'm sulking now.

wickedwaterwitchhaspmt Sun 21-Jan-07 21:02:52


PinkTulips Sun 21-Jan-07 21:03:42


MrsSpoon Sun 21-Jan-07 21:04:37

LTH, he's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Angeliz Mon 22-Jan-07 11:45:42

Oh i can smell his head from here. (I'm broody again but no more for at least a year)

He's gorgeous, Congratulations+++++

theUrbanDryad Mon 22-Jan-07 21:07:39

awww!! i finally see him!!
he looks like he's cute!

Beauregard Mon 22-Jan-07 21:09:15

Awwww he's gorgeous
and talking with his hands too!

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 22-Jan-07 21:10:57

Awww i see him I see him!!! I want one....!

cupcakes Tue 23-Jan-07 09:09:50


I love the wavy hands - my dd2 does that too. And she also has the accompaning muslin.

congrats LTH, you must be bursting with pride.

LieselVentouse Tue 23-Jan-07 10:15:42

Awwwwwww beautiful whats his name?

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