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Hello out there!

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2littleboys Fri 21-May-04 10:39:03

Hi, I live in West London with DH (been together 20 years) and managed to have three babies in one year. DD (5) and DITS (4). Have been keeping track of things on MN since it started but never had the time to join up. Used their top 10s for quite a few things too! Came up with some gift ideas over the past couple of years and now run a retail and wholesale website selling them. Been featured in most of the parenting magazines and things are going really well. Love the fact that I can be talking to some top buyer of a large store one minute and then be on all fours pretending to be a lion the next - and that's when the kids are at school and nursery!! Life's good and if there is anyone out there with newborn twins?...... life get's easier!

coppertop Fri 21-May-04 10:52:48

3 babies in one year?? Eeeek!

2littleboys Fri 21-May-04 11:07:47

Yeah, it was a bit of a shock really! The great thing is, all three want to sleep together so they go to bed at 7 on the dot and then we can hear them chat for an hour. They get on so well, they almost don't need us parents around! Really really hard first couple of years but feel like we're reaping the rewards now!

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