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Rhubarb Fri 21-May-04 10:16:15

Looks like Julie Andrews. Has 7 children, wears long pleated dresses and her hair in a bun. Loves singing, especially in Church where she can be found every day. Her idols are the Pope and the Pope. Once considered being a nun but her love of children forced her to change her mind. She is quoted as saying "Sex is only about procreation, if I couldn't have children I wouldn't have sex - vile thing that it is!"

An advocator of the 'Tie 'em to a tree' method of parenting. The Pope is considering Canonisation for her, the first for a living person. Which is more than I will be when she reads this!

mothernature Fri 21-May-04 10:18:52

coppertop Fri 21-May-04 10:20:07

Run Rhubarb!

ghengis Fri 21-May-04 10:27:05

Lol Are we all Mumsnutters, do you think?

Piffleoffagus Fri 21-May-04 10:47:37


Batters Fri 21-May-04 10:57:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmatmg Fri 21-May-04 11:13:49

Ohhh Rhubarb, you naughty girl!

Very funny though!

Tortington Fri 21-May-04 16:48:27

i do believe his codgelyness the pope holds me in high esteem actually - so you may well be right. had the miricle investigators round who agreed it would take one to make my house tidy.

i dont actually think theres a lot wrong with the "tie 'em to a tree" school of parenting as it happens

i do like singing in church - but i only go every other day.

good job theres about 300 miles between us rhuby

Soapbox Fri 21-May-04 17:19:08

Was having a crap day but you lot have cheered me up Very funny

Rhubarb Fri 21-May-04 19:54:25

'Tis true, whenever I am in your company Oh Custardo, you cure me of my sobriety. The way you say "F**k me!" is sweetness in itself! I am truly honoured to know such a goodly and saintly person. You never stop praying, even during the night you have a glow in the dark crucifix and glow in the dark rosary beads to help you pray through the dark hours. The Pope personally goes to you for advice.

I have followed your "Tie 'em to a tree" method and can thoroughly recommend it! My 'iddi biddi baby is now as quiet as a lamb - thanks to you Oh Yellow One. 'Tis not a Trinity but a Quartet up in Heaven, with you Oh Ambrosia One, sitting 3rd to the left and just up a bit from the Christ Jesus Himself.

Oh remember me when thou arst in de pub, look down upon me and deign to cast but a few drops of your goodly beer onto mine head. I am but your unworthy friend. Oh Creamy One!

Twink Fri 21-May-04 22:21:30

Oh, golly gosh, when we shared bunk beds I thought Custy was snoring but she must have been praying, oops, sorry I am not worthy - but I still follow the tie em to a tree method

aloha Fri 21-May-04 22:33:47

tigermoth Sat 22-May-04 09:04:59

love the way you have diverted this topic off course rhubarb and custardo!

Tortington Sat 22-May-04 14:08:20

sorry about that twink!

your reverence for my being is well deserved rhubarb. i am glad you have followed the great example of selflessness i set every day. i am in no need of the glow in the dark beads however as i can just look over to my right to have a word with JC. in our many enlightening conversations ( enlightening for him) i showed him the benefits of starting my own branch of the church. to this he agreed saying " f*ck me custy, your so right, how can the world continue on its downward slope when they can follow thee"
i nodded profusely at this ( as opposed to the active listening technique i picked up when he goes on a bit)am off i went to preach the word of the pub. the pub is the temple of custard. it has a pool table with no middle pockets, and lager will not make you fat. 19 on the dartboard will always add up to more than 20 and the jukebox will forever play meatloaf and bryan adams and never ever ever the snow patrol or the smiths who both are groups of hideous evil and are to be puked at.
our mantra will be as follows

follow me, follow me
leave your kids cookin the tea
leave your tidyin up and clothes upon the floor
leave the herbs that you have grown
leave the hems that you have sown
leave the hubby in the shed
and follow me.

Rhubarb Sat 22-May-04 16:20:13

Right on Oh Yellow Thick One! Right On!
Will thoust make me a fisher of men?
I've always been quite good at pulling!

tigermoth Sat 22-May-04 17:48:28

Home grown herbs? Home sewn hems? what are those, then?

Rhubarb Sat 22-May-04 21:25:27

Here is a recent piccy of Custardo!

Twink Sat 22-May-04 23:54:41

PMSL at this thread, fab !

Jollymum Wed 14-Jul-04 21:59:30

Wrote a message for the third time and computer lost it for the 3rd time. Love SN threads, work with them and music and love my "other" kids too!! Apart from work, I have 4 of my own and am lucky to have them... (NOT PERFECT MOTHER!!!) I hasten to add!!

nasa Fri 07-Jan-05 13:17:00

anyone heard anything recently from rhubarb? how is the move to france going? isn't she on some TV prog this year?

Tortington Fri 07-Jan-05 21:15:39

yes dont know when the tv prog is - but theyhave finished filming - she was in GB until yesterday i understand - she and the kids were trez ill over xmas after travelling to see everyone over here!

she has two teaching jobs - her dh is looking to get something soon, her dd is in school - but rhuby is a bit worried - cos she is a very shy little girl.

i think they are settling down - they have a flat now

hope thats ok rhubs !!

tigermoth Sat 08-Jan-05 09:46:05

sounds like a lot has happened. When rhubarb first posted on mn, if someone had said to her 'in a few years time you will be teaching and living in France with your dh and two children, and the BBC will be making a film about you' what would she have thought!

nasa Sat 08-Jan-05 09:52:25

thanks custsy - sorry to hear you were ill rhubarb (if you're reading this)

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