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Heathcliffscathy Tue 18-May-04 13:46:04

I'm a nearly 32 year old (in 3 weeks) mother of one ds (6 months). Based in London and North Dorset, but want to be in Dorset full time. Married for 2 1/2 years (been together for seven) to my genuinely darling dh...very loved up.
Training to be a psychotherapist (am half way through and going to start next half in January 2004) but SAHM at the moment. Used to be Marketing Manager for record company, which is how i met dh. Haven't been on MN for very long (3 months or so) but am bit like an over excited puppy about it, so have been posting a lot.

Favourite smell: newly cut grass
Favourite food: cheese
Favourite drink: red wine/vodka tonic
(Borrowing a bit from spacemonkey in terms of format)
On my bedside table: Steve Biddulph/Gina Ford/Tracey Hogg/Penelope Leach (but seriously, read too too many baby books, at least i'm borrowing them from the library now rather than buying them all), Zoe Heller, Luke Sutherland.
In my CD player: Devendra Banhart (lovely album, but only heard of it as on dh's label), but might just as well be Blood on the Tracks Dylan or the Black album Jay-Z
Wish I could be: me, thin! or Germaine Greer (think she gets mellower, funnier and lovelier as she gets older)
Flaws: Over-opinionated, over-intense, can't keep my mouth shut when i should, loads more but would get boring
Makes me laugh: ds and dh and sadly myself (usually cause i can't believe i'm being such a numpty), also my cousin vinnie and eddie izzard
Makes me cry: Iraq, racism, not enough sleep, loads of things
Phobias: torture and amputation, but hey, who isn't scared of those?? i'm sounding freaky now huh?
Ethnic Origin: mother 2nd gen polish, father 1st gen Vietnamese/German, i was born in France.

JanZ Wed 19-May-04 10:32:29

Hi Sophable. When you say you are based in London and North Dorset, does that mean you spend the weekends in Dorset and the weeks in London? Or do you just go tot London when you need to? How long is the commute?

Glad to see someone else has a wonderfully hybrid ancestry!

By the way, I found your advice on the Relate thread useful - am currently going through couple counselling with dh - and have just been through the "tension with the counsellor" stage! But last night was much more positive.

willow2 Wed 19-May-04 10:41:33

A birthday eh? Might have to drag you out for that one...

Don't think you mentioned your dh was in the biz too - am being nosey now and want to know his name! (Email!)

PS: bra shopping has been postponed until today - wanna come?

PPS: You are not overweight. You are lovely.

NancyKominsky Wed 19-May-04 11:38:55

I live in west dorset too! I have a feeling we live near each you 'do' any mummish things when you are down here?

Heathcliffscathy Wed 19-May-04 19:58:57

hello lovely posters. janz really glad my post re counselling helped...if there is any other advice you need email...yes w/e in dorset, week in london, commute takes between 2 and 3 hours depending on what time we leave. willow, you are lovely...will tell you re dh when we have my bday drink!!!! hopefully will see you sooner. nancy, i don't tend to do mumish things in dorset (tbh, i'm only just getting round to doing mumish things in london!)...what mumish things are there to do?

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 20:00:57

Oooh yes bday drink

NancyKominsky Thu 20-May-04 08:14:30

Well, none actually. Do you live near Dorchester?

Heathcliffscathy Thu 20-May-04 13:42:27

'bout 45 mins away, not that near nancy...

NancyKominsky Thu 20-May-04 13:45:08

Ah sorry you are a weekender only, hadn't picked that up. I live near Sherborne, lucky me as it is very beautiful here today

Coddylicious Fri 21-May-04 13:09:07

only just got t your talker contact thing

its was nestled in al t he viagra stuff in my hotmail account

Heathcliffscathy Fri 21-May-04 13:18:17

and i thought you were blanking me , but you weren't

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