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Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 11:06:10


I'm 33 this August.
Have one daughter, Lottie, aged 2 and 5 months. she was born a week before Xmas 2001.
She has Down's syndrome.
I have a partner who I've been with for 8 years but have known him much longer as we met and dated at college when we were 17.
I work 4 days a week in a PR agency.
I live in Pinner, Middlesex.

I like music, going out and dancing, drinking, having people over for dinner, going out to eat, cooking, gardening (a bit!), generally socialing and having fun. I am starting to be proactive in helping with fundraising

Lottie now goes to nursey 2 mornings a week and my dad and my mum share childcare for the rest of the time.

Lottie's favourite passtime is laughing, playing with her rag doll and her sandpit.

mothernature Tue 18-May-04 11:10:34

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 11:12:23

hi thomcat, is this a get to know people better thread?

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 11:24:45


I'm 35 (March just gone)
Have one son, Connor who's nearly 9 and one daughter, Helen who's nearly 7 1/2
I've been married for nearly 11 years and have known him for 16 years (this month), we also dated at College when I was 18 (he's a little older)
I work 4-5 days a week for a landscape gardener
I live near to St. Ives, Cambridgeshire

I like music, love cooking curries and anything that tantalises the taste buds, drinking wine, going out with friends, love dancing (children and dh too sometimes), gardening (more than housework), being outside and having lots of fun with people I know well

Connor loves playing with his friends and annoying his sister, vice versa and she's into horses and worms and things.

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 11:26:05

Thomcat, what sort of fundraising to you do if you don't mind me asking

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 11:34:28

sorry have just seen the point of the member profile section...will repost it at some point, sorry Thomcat not trying to steal your space

Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 11:34:32

ohhh Baldrick we like a lot of the same thing

Just started on fundraising.

So far I'm organising a bag packing thing at Sainsburys

A display and collection tin at the cafe that services the serviced offices and local offices and residents where I work.

Biggest and best is I'm doing a 10,000 skydive on 14 August, just sent off my deposit yesterday.

Also going to have a party in September or late Aug and ask everyone to donate at least £5 each. lAst year we had 50 people all having a great time in our back garden so want to do it again this year but may as well raise some cash at the same time. Could raise at least £250 if everyone gave just a fiver.

All this is for the Down's syndrome charities.

Why do you ask out of interest?

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 11:39:17

because much as love my job feel the bit for the community is missing somewhere, pay out to charities every but have always wanted to do charity work some way or another but as few hours spare, don't know quite how to start....btw the skydiving sounds good, always fancied a parchute jump self, but abit scared

Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 12:00:44

cALL kELLY AT THE dsa AND GET AN APPLICATION FORM. iT'S 14 aUG FROM mAIDSTONE IN kENT (whoops), you have to be under 15 stone, able to raise at least £350 and that's about it. Her number is 0845 230 0372

Alos speak to your local supermarket about fundraising.

Lots of charities send out fundraising ideas to help, just take your pick from all the charities out there!

Also there's loads of bike rides and things to help raise money.

You could do a sponsored garden clearing ir something.

baldrick Tue 18-May-04 12:18:04

Thanks Thomcat

Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 12:43:26

You're welcome. See you on the 14th!

sis Tue 18-May-04 14:17:44

Thomcat, have you seen the latest copy of Eve? There are a couple of letters on Lottie's story and they said that they had received loads more on your story. I wondered if the letters got forwarded to you.

Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 14:28:36

Thanks sis, yes Aloha pointed it out to me. They only sent me 4 of the letters but to be honest the 4 that I received were so nice, two of them really made me cry! I want to keep them to show them to lottie when she's older. They said they received hundreds of letters which is just the nicest compliment I could get. I'm really so chuffed.
Thanks for your post to let me know

sis Tue 18-May-04 16:20:27

Oh good, didn't want you to miss out on the postive feedback.

Thomcat Tue 18-May-04 16:44:41

Bless you sis

katierocket Tue 18-May-04 16:51:11

that's lovely thomcat - it must make you feel happy and proud

did gmtv never happen btw?

Thomcat Wed 19-May-04 10:56:58

Hi Katierocket, yes it made me feel very proud. I'm really looking forward to showing then to Lottie one day so she too can be proud of her!

No GMTV went very quiet. The DS Assoc think it 'might' happen around DS Awareness Week which is 1st week in June.

puma Fri 01-Jul-05 21:59:01

Message withdrawn

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 22:01:16

You can be as low as you like but don't be disgusting as well.

Thomcat Fri 01-Jul-05 22:02:02

You can find a better profilke of me and do better than that surely Puma. A line from a crap track is supposed to say what?

Slave2Babe Fri 01-Jul-05 22:02:07

did anyone hear something ????

sobernow Fri 01-Jul-05 22:04:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Fri 01-Jul-05 22:04:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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