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NomDePlume / WSM

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NomDePlume Tue 18-May-04 10:22:13


I'm 22 years old, married to 35 year old DH for almost a year now. We have a DD currently 21 months old (2 in August), and 2 boys from DH's first marriage, who are 10 and almost 12, who live with us 60% of the time.

I'm a SAHM, but hope to return to work part time when we get nursery vouchers ! I also hope to begin a career in Nursing once we have completed our family ( at least one more child in the 'pipeline' ), which will mean going to Uni with four kids !!! YIKES !

I live in Worcester, have done for 3 years now, but I'm originally from Manchester. I spent 5 of my teenage years in a little market town in Mid Wales (Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!). A bit of a culture shock, I can tell you !

Well, that's me, I think.

Oh, and here is a link which will take you to some piccies of us password is trumpet . Click on view my gallery to see more photos.

mothernature Tue 18-May-04 10:25:56

Hello NomDePlume..she's lovely welcome to mumsnet where in Manchester are you from originally?

NomDePlume Tue 18-May-04 10:33:08

Thanks mothernature , I've been on MN for over a year now, fairly prolific poster ! Was known as WSM and wickedstepmother before adopting this new moniker

Was born in Droylsden (before it went pear-shaped!), and moved around M'cr to Gorton, Levenshulme (lovely, I know ). Then spent a few years living in Salford. Left to move to Wales and then returned when I was 16 to stand on my own 2 feet and moved to Atherton and later to Bolton. I am known for my 'itchy feet' !

mothernature Tue 18-May-04 10:37:07

Oooh I know Droylsden a little and Gorton, (had a boyfriend from there once..) not Levenshulme though...a few miles from where I am right really do get around don't you? lol

NomDePlume Tue 18-May-04 10:42:17

Yep, the longest I have ever lived in one place is 6 years, from 0-6 in Droylsden. I moved around a lot from 6-11 because my parents split up and I was passed from family pillar to post. Moved to Wales at 11 because my Mum's company relocated, it was during the recession and jobs were like gold dust so we *had* to go! I have to admit that I HATED living in Wales and left at the first opportunity !

Where in M'cr are you, then MN ?

mothernature Tue 18-May-04 10:43:28

A little town called Mossley...near the Saddleworth Moors...

CookieMonster Tue 18-May-04 10:45:26

Hi NomDePlume ... whereabouts in mid Wales did you live? I was born in Llandrindod Wells and lived in Builth Wells until I was 2 and then we moved to Hereford. My parents still live there and I visit when I can - it's a lovely part of the world.

NomDePlume Tue 18-May-04 10:45:39

At our last move, I had relocated 16 times !!!

NomDePlume Tue 18-May-04 10:48:02

I know Mossley ! Nice.

Cookie - Lived In Newtown, but I owned a house in Llandod !!!! Ridgebourne Drive, the reasonably new development out towards Builth. I used to work at the GP surgery (Glandwr Parc) in Builth ! Then I met DH and sold my house . Small world....

marialuisa Tue 18-May-04 14:46:26

Wow, even smaller. I think Cookie monster may be my mn twin!

lived near builth, mother in hereford for years (but recently moved to ross!

CookieMonster Tue 18-May-04 14:48:24

marialuisa ... looks like you may be right!! Whereabouts did your mum live? My parents live on the Kings Acre Road (road to Brecon).

CookieMonster Tue 18-May-04 15:00:10

sorry NomDePlume - shouldn't hijack your profile thread ... have just seen marialuisa's own thread ..

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