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What are these spots??

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chatee Tue 05-Dec-06 19:44:56

These spots have appeared in the last two hours on my dd's legs
1. she does get ecxema but these just are not the usual type

any ideas please??
tia xxx

mrspoppins Tue 05-Dec-06 20:04:28

Could be a virus that lots of under 6's get...can't for the life of me remember the name but check it with your Gp tomorrow. They can last for a long time...many months and can spread and are infectious to little ones as in they can catch them but apart from looking unsightly, they heal themselves and need to simply be left.
Do check it out though.

ledodgychristmasjumper Tue 05-Dec-06 20:04:55


ledodgychristmasjumper Tue 05-Dec-06 20:05:35

Molluscum i mean.

ledodgychristmasjumper Tue 05-Dec-06 20:06:21

Are they like fluid filled blisters I can't see properly from the pic, it could be chicken pox?

Bluebear Tue 05-Dec-06 20:07:04

looks like molluscum.

NotAnOtter Tue 05-Dec-06 20:18:25

yes molluscum contagiosum...not serious ...lasts forver sadly!

chatee Tue 05-Dec-06 20:29:16

thanks everyone, that just about sums up my whole day....and dd's

will most probably take her to the gp in the morning[more time off school-she has missed all afternoon with a hospital appointment only for the splints[afo's] not to bl**dy fit....}

well she has finally fell to sleep after screaming with the itchiness and me trying to bribe her with if it's infectious you won't be able to go to school and she doesn't want to miss the christmas dinner and non uniform day and the christmas play.....bless her

thanks again xx

mrspoppins Wed 06-Dec-06 03:20:31

Remember, best thing for itchiness is an antihistamine in liquid form for a youngster and eurax cream dependant on their age....don't ever use calamine despite what you are told as it dries out the surface of the skin and makes it itch more!!

...just a thought though, Moluscum don't really itch.

For the sake of curiosity, let us know what your GP says as it could be chicken pox??

mamama Wed 06-Dec-06 03:29:51

Poor thing. No idea what it is. Let us know what the doctor says in the morning.

alibauble Wed 06-Dec-06 03:45:04

Molluscum don't itch at all, look pretty similar. My guess is that it could be Chicken Pox, or something similar as they do looked pus filled. Hopefully GP will reveal all tomorrow, and you DD gets a good antihistamine cream to relieve the itch.

chatee Wed 06-Dec-06 19:45:25

thanks everyone, took dd to gp this morning who confirmed molluscum contagiosum and advised calamine but dd really didn'tlike that when she has the chicken pox so we put magic cream on as she went to bed and it seems to have done the trick (magiccream was cold water on a cotton wool ball]

poinsettydog Wed 06-Dec-06 20:16:19

?? Calamine for molluscum? Sounds odd. Also unusual for them to itch I suppose.

geekgrrl Wed 06-Dec-06 20:18:50

my dd's molluscum is really itchy, too. It's such a PITA - seems to be one of those unavoidable things of childhood.

krimbokrackerskayzed Sun 10-Dec-06 22:01:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrssnoah Mon 11-Dec-06 23:19:21

Only contagious through water apparently.
Mine have all had it too.
Dont remember any of us having it as kids though?
Krimbo, will try your remedy for ds who has just started with it too.

Jess3 Mon 25-Jun-07 22:35:35

Hi, I'm new to mumsnet and forum discussion - so bear with me! My eldest DD has just had Molloscum Contagiosum and it has been horrific. She started off with just a few spots and the GP said to just leave them they would go away on their own. They didn't. They spread and spread and began to itch, and within days DD had scratched and they were bleeding. When they developed heads, my heart sank - according to one website there is a 'mother mollusc' that breeds the others. I heard, on the local grapevine, that there were a few things on the market that worked. I knew that going back to the GP was futile (and to be honest I couldn't bear the 2hr wait with 3 kids!) I tried everything from tea tree, Sudocrem and Piriton. The only thing that has stopped the molluscum from itching was a product called ZymaDerm. I know there are other products available, but this was the only one we tried and it is extremely gentle to young skin. It has worked first time and we will be Mollusc free within the week!

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