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tammybear Thu 13-May-04 20:40:48

Im 19 (20 in July)
I live in Watford
My dd is 17months
I have a dp who's not the father
Ex is a pain, who lives up in Derbyshire (3 hours away)
Er... driving lesson July 5
I don't work

I think that's all there is to say. Discovered mumsnet last month in April


tammybear Thu 20-May-04 00:22:41

Thought I'd say a bit more about myself

Emmie, my dd, has discovered how to climb the stair case today. I went to the bathroom, and 5 mins later, heard a noise in her room. I poke my head in, and a fright when I discovered it was her!

My dp, Mike, lives in Kent He's doing a drama degree for the past year and it does not finish for another 2 years, which at the end of it, he's going to move in with me, at the disapproval of my ex, Wayne.

I have been with Mike for 8 months now which lasted longer than our last relationship of 4 months I think it was. But Ive known him for 4 years now. We celebrated that by going to London Dungeons, which was the first place we had met! (how romantic lol) Our relationship is quite a complicated one, but I suppose it keeps us on our toes!

I spend most of my time chasing after Emmie as she's a right little madame now. In the spare time that I do get, I like to go to the cinema, or go for a drink and a dance with my friends.

bighug Thu 20-May-04 21:56:48

Hi Tammy bear
Just wanted to say that you DO work of course, looking after your dd! Good luck with your driving lesson - or is it test, on July 5. When I was 19 (I'm 33 now) I didn't have a thought for children etc. so I really admire your taking on those reponsibilities at a young age. all the best. bighugx

tammybear Thu 20-May-04 22:02:20

thanks bighug. yea its my actual test on july 5
i forgot im a fulltime mum lol silly me

Tessiebear Thu 20-May-04 22:02:52

I feel it my duty to say "Hello" Tammybear, especially as we have such similar names. Where in Kent does your DP study Drama, i ask because i studied Drama in Kent many yrs ago

tammybear Thu 20-May-04 22:31:46

he's in southborough. West kent college i think it is

tammybear Wed 07-Jul-04 02:03:51

here are some pictures of my little girl

first page

second page

third page

I dont think the picture of me and dd have come up on the third page but thats quite alright! Noone wants to see my ugly mug lol

tammybear Wed 07-Jul-04 02:06:06

oh and you have to excuse the big age gap between the photos, as I need to scan some more in, problem is scanner's at my mum's house

tammybear Sat 24-Jul-04 22:46:48

another link for some of our holiday photos

\link Emmiepage04.html\fourth page{}

tammybear Sat 24-Jul-04 22:47:13

oops try that \link Emmiepage04.html\again{}

tammybear Sat 24-Jul-04 22:48:24

and try again = fourth page

mummytosteven Sun 25-Jul-04 00:18:33

hi tammybear just been admiring your piccies = pity it rained but looks like you enjoyed yourself

giraffeski Thu 31-Mar-05 23:58:41

Message withdrawn

tammybear Fri 01-Apr-05 00:00:16

1st page and 4th page work. been so long since ive looked at those sites, i didnt realise i still had them til u reminded me of my profile!

giraffeski Fri 01-Apr-05 00:01:10

Message withdrawn

tammybear Fri 01-Apr-05 00:02:17

dont it? just did for me. told u i need to do a new one with more up to date pics. give me a few weeks lol

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 00:03:06

none of them work for me

tammybear Fri 01-Apr-05 00:04:18

lol, give me a couple of weeks and ill get some new ones done

lavenderrr Fri 01-Apr-05 00:04:33

Hi tammybear, didn't mean to ignore you the other night, but dh was on the computer and I saw your name come up but couldn't reply...speak soonxx

giraffeski Fri 01-Apr-05 00:04:45

Message withdrawn

tammybear Fri 01-Apr-05 00:06:37


hey lav, thats ok, speak later x

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