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Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 19:37:05

Hi all.

I am 31 (Birthday in Feb)
I am married to DH. Met at sicth form aged 16 and have now been for 5 years. Got married in Kenya on safari
We have a DD, Mollie, who was born April 2002 - now 2 years
We live in Sheffield
I am secondary school teacher of ICT. Currently working part time, 3 days a week but soon to go and do supply for some time out.

I found Mumsnet in January 2003, and now moderate the education thread.

This is me and my family . Password is simply "hulababy"

Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 19:42:33

EDIT - met at sixth form and have been married for 5 years!

melsy Thu 20-May-04 14:00:23

& dont you have a claim to fame ???

Hulababy Thu 20-May-04 19:57:32


melsy Thu 20-May-04 20:05:10

Newspaper article????

Hulababy Fri 21-May-04 17:53:38

LOL! Oh yes. Was in the Express newspaper this February doing an article about first loves - did it through a media request on MN.


Hulababy Sat 05-Jun-04 11:57:06

Just collected some photos of my little girl, taken for her 2nd birthday,

Here they are: \link[\on here}

Password is hulababy

The photos are the first 3 on this page.

Hulababy Sat 05-Jun-04 11:57:55

Just collected some photos of my little girl, taken for her 2nd birthday,

Here they are: on here

Password is hulababy

The photos are the first 3 on this page.

jampot Sat 05-Jun-04 12:11:52

Absolutely beautiful Hula

Hulababy Sat 05-Jun-04 12:13:31

Oh, thank you

We are actually really pleased with them, but didn't go mad buying loads either. We just got these three - ours was feee and 12 x 10; got grandparents each a 10x8 shot only - so spent £60 in total which isn't too bad.

lilibet Sat 05-Jun-04 14:32:29

What a lovely family - lucky you - you all look gorgeous.

LIZS Sat 05-Jun-04 15:11:31

Aah they're really sweet. dd has just asked, as she looked over my shoulder, "who's that lovely little girl ? ". "Internet" has just entered her vocabulary !!

charlieplus3 Sat 05-Jun-04 15:13:45

Beautiful Pictures hula, what a cutie, wheres some of you? Youve reminded me to update my photo bucket

Lisa78 Sat 05-Jun-04 15:19:35

She looks more adorable than ever Hula! I especially love the one with the flowers

lou33 Sat 05-Jun-04 15:22:20

Lovely pics Hula!

Charlie you are rampaging around the boards today !

Hulababy Sat 05-Jun-04 16:24:38

Cheers all.
There are one or two of me elsewhere on the site I think. Npt many though! I normally offer to take the photos.

Hulababy Sat 05-Jun-04 16:25:10

Lisa - the flowers one is the on we have bought for DH's parents. They will love it!

charlieplus3 Sat 05-Jun-04 17:44:11

Lou im meant to be working. How do i get the strength not to log onto mn and msn when ive got thousands of members to input. Its just so much more interesting on mn. Sorry. And hulas children were so lovely i had to say something

Hulababy Sun 06-Jun-04 10:42:48

You know, you are right. They is somehow an amazing lack of photos of me - or DH too! I must try and include us on photos sometime!!!

Hulababy Wed 29-Sep-04 21:11:29

Just has DD's latest photo back - her first one from new nursery. Thought I would share it

Password is hulababy

kalex Wed 29-Sep-04 21:13:25


She is fab, I bet she's not always the angel she looks in that though.

Yorkiegirl Wed 29-Sep-04 21:15:31

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 29-Sep-04 21:15:58

Quiet right Kalex! At 2 and half (almost) she can be a little madam at times, but lovely with it

codswallop Wed 29-Sep-04 21:19:07

you need to change your mod reume

Hulababy Wed 29-Sep-04 21:20:44


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