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Here is my spare room. I have to clear it up. Oh dear.

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FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 14:27:45

I am posting this to motivate myself because otherwise I will put it off for another week. If I have not put a vastly improved photo up by this evening feel free to come round and abuse me.

I can't post a photo from inside the door, because I can't get the door open, and there is nowhere to stand.

<p.s. the rest of my house is tidyish. The spare room is my dark secret>

Quootiepie Sun 12-Nov-06 14:28:23

where where where where?

NotQuiteCockney Sun 12-Nov-06 14:28:27

Looks pretty clean. Quite white ...

Quootiepie Sun 12-Nov-06 14:29:17

lots of loo roll

WideWebWitch Sun 12-Nov-06 14:29:26

Hmm. So, everything in piles

Charity shop
Keep but work out WHERE it will live

Good luck!

SherlockLGJ Sun 12-Nov-06 14:30:30

I have just done my larder and am feeling very smug. Took bloody hours, I was only looking for some glue.

Will post a picture in a moment.

misdee Sun 12-Nov-06 14:30:47

ok, what do you want to use that room for? just a spare room? or a room for the pc maybe? home office? mini hideaway, ds play room?

you cant just use it as a junk room!

that should get you motivtaed.

nutcracker Sun 12-Nov-06 14:31:06

It's just reminded me that I need to buy loo roll.

ilovecaboose Sun 12-Nov-06 14:31:27

that is nothing - looks like organised mess to me.

Just just remember the formula for clearing out a room.

Empty room making sure contents are spread around the house under the pretense of being sorted.

Get interrupted by visitors/family emergency/general day to day stuff

Either a) store all stuff back in room so it looks no different
or b) leave room looking fresh and tidy and rest of house looking a mess.

Good lcuk

geekgrrl Sun 12-Nov-06 14:31:34

LOL - it looks just like my study

not posting any pictures of it, though.

EmmyLou Sun 12-Nov-06 14:32:45

Your dark secret just needs to be smaller, that's all. And stop buying loo roll.

EmmyLou Sun 12-Nov-06 14:33:58

Reminds me - have a stiar gate just like that one on attic landing waiting to be binned.

misdee Sun 12-Nov-06 14:35:12

freecycle it!

each time i have moved house i have lost parts for stairgates, if i had known about freecycle i would've place and ad for one lol.

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 14:41:36

Well we are very lucky, we have:

a loft

a garage


good recycling scheme

charity shops

oh and MN of course

to offload stuff on to.

I don't know what this room is for. It's not big enough for a spare bed really and we hate visitors anyway . The idea was a study, hence the desk (don't know if you can see that?) and the bookshelves. I collect books but try to limit amount of books in our living areas, so the overflow is in here.

We just use the laptop down here so I am not sure what use the desk is. I guess one day it may be a bedroom for a child if we have more children and don't move? You could squeeze a single bed in, just about. Hmm. What is it for? I don't know....

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 14:42:21

Oh and we buy as much stuff as possible from our Suma collective, hence the toilet roll. It is damn cheap when you buy 36 rolls at a time

moondog Sun 12-Nov-06 14:45:13


I would have a panic attack if anywhere in my house looked like that.

Sad but true...

EmmyLou Sun 12-Nov-06 14:45:27

er, what's freecycle?

DumbledoresGirl Sun 12-Nov-06 14:46:44

I don't understand the problem. It looks pefectly neat to me. Obviously a storage room...

If I could post photos I wold take one of any room in my house you cared to name and I promise you it would look as though burglars had been through it.

ilovecaboose Sun 12-Nov-06 14:48:38

Could you shelve it as a library cum office. I have a walk in cupboard that I (well dp) has shelved (floor to ceiling). It means I can keep all my books in one place and it keeps the rest of the house tidier. If yours is big enough could you fit a desk in it as well?

DumbledoresGirl Sun 12-Nov-06 14:49:39

Since I have nothing better to do, what on earth is the poster on the door? Isn't that a bit teenager-ish?

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 15:38:31

It's the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire promo poster, DG. I thought you would have recognised it

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 15:39:24

I love caboose it is more or less wall to ceiling shelving, and there is a desk in there

TheHighwayCod Sun 12-Nov-06 15:40:37

im wiht moondog palpitations chez cod and i am not hosue proud rea;;y

JoolsToo Sun 12-Nov-06 15:42:05

I recommend ebay - you can't need it or it wouldn't in that room!

Get Saint Anthea round

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 15:43:19

It's looking better but not great btw

lots of charity bags, though

dp keeps saying "No keep that!" to everything I ask him about, so I have stopped asking.

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