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Dd1's fairy castle cake (a showy-offy thread)

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Moomin Sun 10-Sep-06 22:46:30

Here is the cake i made on friday night for dd1's 5th birthday which was today. It took me 6 hours (count'em) to ice it.... and 10 mins to reduce it to a pile of spongy rubble. oh well. Was pleased with it as it was my first attempt at cake decorating

oneskinnydiva Wed 03-Oct-07 15:58:06

Thanks Moomin. I would like to say that I'll show you my attempt but I'll have to take a rain check on that as it may end up looking more like a shack than a castle!

mulberrytree Thu 08-Nov-07 18:48:15

I can't see the picture anywhere! Have looked at the lovely two pix on Moomin's page, but no cake anywhere...would love a tip of how to have a peek, even though I'm heading for the batch of fairy cakes answer.

ZOESMUM Sun 23-Dec-07 13:40:24

Help please. I arrived at this site via a google search on fairy castle cakes and have registered but do not know how to view this amazing cake that you are all talking about. I can read your comments but would like to see what the cake looks like.[[

awayinNaeManger Sun 23-Dec-07 13:45:49

hi zoesmum! welcome to mumsnet!
they changed this topic a while back so it doens't show pictures anymore. so i'm afraid you are out of luck with the fairy castle cake. you might try starting your own thread in recipes or food and ask for help.

kerys Mon 25-Feb-08 00:02:49

Ah, but you can still see this cake at another site! Am I allowed to link to it or does that break the rules of mumsnet? It's at I found this thread on a google search and then saw the picture of the cake - also a google search - and realised they were one and the same cakes. It's brilliant and I'm going to do a boy's version next week.

athomeagain Mon 18-Jan-10 13:54:42

how do i see the cake?

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