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Dd1's fairy castle cake (a showy-offy thread)

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Moomin Sun 10-Sep-06 22:46:30

Here is the cake i made on friday night for dd1's 5th birthday which was today. It took me 6 hours (count'em) to ice it.... and 10 mins to reduce it to a pile of spongy rubble. oh well. Was pleased with it as it was my first attempt at cake decorating

Sherbert37 Sun 10-Sep-06 22:50:38

That's amazing! You'll be ok when you have to make a castle for homework with your DD (see the homework / parental help thread).

kid Sun 10-Sep-06 22:52:13

Thats great, I can't believe it was your first attempt at cake decorating. My first cake was edible but not much to look at!

Moomin Sun 10-Sep-06 22:53:37

no such luck for my dds! much as i'll be aching to get my hands on their crafty tasks, i'm a teacher and am very much of the 'get on with it yourself' train of thought. i'll stop dh getting involved too, but more to do with his sausagey fingers and complete lack of imagination and skill (bless)

Blu Sun 10-Sep-06 23:04:48

Blimey Moomin, that's extraorinary! Her eyes must have lit up when she saw that! It's fantastic!
How did you make the sparkly towers?

ghosty Sun 10-Sep-06 23:05:01

Berlimey .... that is FANTASTIC! I love doing cakes for my kids and thought I was getting pretty good but that is just breathtaking

Moomin Sun 10-Sep-06 23:08:17

I made card rolls and covered them with rolled out icing then topped them with ice cream cones which i'd covered with melted jam and rolled in pink sparkly Barbie cake sprinkles. the windows and doors were coloured icing rolled out and cut into shapes, and the ivy and battlements are done with tubes of writing icing. the fairies were hair bobbles from H&M!

Moomin Sun 10-Sep-06 23:10:26

someone at dd's party asked me how much i'd charge to do them a similar one. how much do you reckon? [Moomin gets carried away and starts making plans for eBay shop......] No really, how much?

Blu Sun 10-Sep-06 23:10:39

Aha - sparkly barbie sprinkles are new to me.
Very impressive!

chipmonkey Sun 10-Sep-06 23:10:39

Moomin that is fabulous!!!
I feel all inferior now!

curlew Mon 11-Sep-06 00:10:05

Moomid - that's a brilliant cake! I'm in the middle of a fairy castle cake at the moment too.
The problem with trying to make a business out of it (I do make cakes for other people sometimes) is that you can't possibly charge enough! What I mean is, if you cost your time, even at minimum wage plus ingredients, plus a profit you end up with a figure that certainly people where I live couldn't/wouldn't pay. Mind you, have you googled "novelty birthday cakes" and seen what some people ask megabucks for......Have a look and see.

Metamorph Mon 11-Sep-06 00:14:50

bloody hell. That's fantastic.

Californifrau Mon 11-Sep-06 01:08:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trinityshiftingherleatheryarse Mon 11-Sep-06 07:44:10

thats is completely amazing, well done, that is sooooo cool. you should be well proud of yourself, I wish i could do that kind of thing

schneebly Mon 11-Sep-06 07:49:06

I bet she loved it!

Moomin Mon 11-Sep-06 08:03:17

wow thank you for such nice feedback. yes, curlew, you're right, it's probably not worth the bother in the end when you think about materials and the effort and time you have to put in. and yes, i did have a look at some of the efforts and i larfed out loud at a couple of them that were priced at £30-50 (shouldn't i know but they are passing themselves off as professional). oh well, it can just be an occasional hobby maybe.

(btw, curlew, have you got a cold? )

cadbury Mon 11-Sep-06 08:20:14

Moomin - that is incredible - first time you say? I am dead impressed. Trouble is, now dd has seen it over my shoulder, she wants one for her party!!!

JackieNo Mon 11-Sep-06 08:23:59

Wow - that's amazing! I'm well impressed. Congratulations!

MrsFio Mon 11-Sep-06 08:36:00

Moomin, just want to join the chorus of WOWS

oneskinnydiva Tue 02-Oct-07 15:45:05

Oh my god I've just looked at your cake after doing a fairy cake search on google and I'm amazed. It looks fantastic and quite frankly a lot better than some of the ones shown on novelty cake sites that charge a fortune. You are one clever lady. If you don't mind me asking what size cake tin did you use for the main cake? I've got to make a cake that will be big enough for 20 kids and a few adults and I'm not sure what size tin i should use. I can safely say though that my cake wont look anywhere near as good as yours!

MaureenMLove Tue 02-Oct-07 15:50:16

Moomin! Thats flippin fantastic! Nothing else to say - flippin fantastic! Well done you. Of course, you've set the bar very high for next year! grin

PandaG Tue 02-Oct-07 15:56:29

wow Moomin, that is fantastic smile

Leander Tue 02-Oct-07 16:01:51

wow that is fantastic, I made my first cake for ds 5th birthday and really enjoyed it.I think I might pinch your idea for dd bithday nexy year grin

Moomin Tue 02-Oct-07 16:03:25

Ha Ha can't believe this thread's been resurrected (sp?)! She acually had her 6th birthday the other week - this time my dad made a pile of fairy cakes as I couldn't be doing with all the fannying around again. Can't actually believe I did it last year! WHat was I on??!!

Moomin Tue 02-Oct-07 16:06:32

SOrry skinnydiva, didn't see your question. I actually bought the cakes blush - I bought a load of the oblong spngetype ones from Tesco's - actually I think they were Battenburgs and I just cut them to size and iced them - 3 cakes on bottom layer and 2 cut down on top. The turrets were cardboard rolls covered in sheet/rolled icing and topped with ice cream cones rolled in warm jam and covered in Barbie sprinkles.

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