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Baby Will

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Laura032004 Sun 09-Jul-06 19:50:41

sparkler1wantsaconservatory Sun 09-Jul-06 19:51:49

Aw cute I had to look closely - thought he was sticking his middle finger up at first

biglips Sun 09-Jul-06 19:51:57

is he for me????

vickiyumyum Sun 09-Jul-06 19:52:19

aaahhh hes so cute, will is a cute name too, but then i'm biased as ds2 is a william!

gladbag Sun 09-Jul-06 19:55:18

Laura - he's absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations (and where's your 'birth story'? )

Laura032004 Sun 09-Jul-06 20:07:13

Birth story here

SoupDragon Sun 09-Jul-06 20:09:12

Ahhhh. All scrunched up

Marina Sun 09-Jul-06 20:14:10

It is a well-known fact that all Williams are really, really cute
He is gorgeous Laura, congratulations

TwinsetandPearls Sun 09-Jul-06 20:29:53

I am not a baby person and never comment on kids photos but he is cute.

hunkermunker Sun 09-Jul-06 20:30:38

Gorgeous photo - he's very sweet! Congratulations

MrsJohnCusack Sun 09-Jul-06 20:45:40


and a top name too!

coppertop Sun 09-Jul-06 20:47:46

Awwww! What a gorgeous photo.

lanismum Sun 09-Jul-06 21:58:23

god hes cute! brilliant photo too

tortoise Sun 09-Jul-06 22:02:19

Sooo cute.I want one

hulababy Sun 09-Jul-06 22:02:33

Oh, so sweet.

carol3 Mon 10-Jul-06 23:42:26

making me very broody ! lovely picture

threelittlebabies Mon 10-Jul-06 23:52:16

awww he's gorgeous! What a fab photo. Congratulations

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