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Ruined knitting / loose skin / twin skin (or

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morningpaper Thu 29-Jun-06 08:45:24

I can't find any pictures of this on the internet despite lots of worried whispering in mummies chatrooms, so I thought this might be a picture that would be of interest.

This is my stomach 8 months post-baby number 2. It is RUINED! sob I am now down to 9 stone and the rest of my body looks okay (with clothes on ). But I am left with this inside-out belly button and loose skin.

I went to the physio yesterday for some exercises for my hips (also ruined) and she said that I am stuck with this. I tried not to run screaming from the room.

You may remember that I was quite large !

Anyway I will leave this piccie here for future reference - feel free to refer other threads to it (or not!).

I promise not to post pictures of my vagina because that really WILL stop anyone else from ever breeding again...

Full-piece swimsuit, anyone?

muma3 Fri 30-Jun-06 12:31:26

i think we should all post pic it would help our confidence to see we arent on our own

prizes for saggiest belly!!!

bet i win

jampots Fri 30-Jun-06 12:32:04

i bet i do!

JonesTheSteam Fri 30-Jun-06 12:33:39

Mine looks like that as well!!!!!

milward Fri 30-Jun-06 12:39:26

Well I'm proud of my post preg tum!! I've had 4 kids, one by cs & have also had other major surgury. If I bend over my tummy sort of flops down iyswim. Nothing wrong with it & very nice to me. It feels sort of silky! My ds4 can grab hold of it!

alibag Fri 30-Jun-06 12:44:49

8 months is not very long after, really: mine was very crepe-y at 8 months, but at 20 months after DS2 has improved though still basically baggy/untoned/too-darned-big-compared-with-what-it-was... I think the exercise (?!), body brushing, water drinking, moisturising sounds a good bet.

lanismum Fri 30-Jun-06 12:45:29

hhmmm body brush you say jampots, maybe ill take a wander to boots

Sugarmag Fri 30-Jun-06 15:18:12

Well, I had a breif moment where i was feeling brave but then realised that DH must have taken the camera away with him this weekend. Now the moment has passed.

DD has asked me before why my tummy is so wrinkly and I have to explain to her that it's because she and her brother were in there.

snowleopard Fri 30-Jun-06 15:24:44

MP I've just looked at the preggie pic and OMG!!! I think your knitting looks quite remarkably OK considering!!!
What about beauty flash balm - "instant tightening, lifting effect"!?

javis7 Sat 26-May-07 11:51:42

I have now had 3 kids an my stomach is horrid. ALthough people say 'don't worry about it... I should be proud of it" I just can't... I can't even show my partner. I used to have such a lovely tummy now it is 10x worse than the one in the photo. Does anyone know how this can be improved except for surgery?

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