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Ruined knitting / loose skin / twin skin (or

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morningpaper Thu 29-Jun-06 08:45:24

I can't find any pictures of this on the internet despite lots of worried whispering in mummies chatrooms, so I thought this might be a picture that would be of interest.

This is my stomach 8 months post-baby number 2. It is RUINED! sob I am now down to 9 stone and the rest of my body looks okay (with clothes on ). But I am left with this inside-out belly button and loose skin.

I went to the physio yesterday for some exercises for my hips (also ruined) and she said that I am stuck with this. I tried not to run screaming from the room.

You may remember that I was quite large !

Anyway I will leave this piccie here for future reference - feel free to refer other threads to it (or not!).

I promise not to post pictures of my vagina because that really WILL stop anyone else from ever breeding again...

Full-piece swimsuit, anyone?

morningpaper Thu 29-Jun-06 09:29:19

Yikes Carolina

Now I feel like Kate Moss

CarolinaMoose Thu 29-Jun-06 09:30:20

[schadenfreude emoticon] - my abs were always on the flabby side

morningpaper Thu 29-Jun-06 09:31:09

I can wear a bikini if the pants are HUGE

But I think I am going to move onto a swimsuit ...

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 29-Jun-06 09:41:42

I still wear a bikini abroad. It ain't pretty, but does look better when I'm lying down so I have my faithful sarong for when I'm upright!

puddle Thu 29-Jun-06 09:44:35

I've got a bikini but the pants are those boy shorts ones.

Tortington Thu 29-Jun-06 09:55:18

i think your belly is lovely. i have stretch marks going upto my bresticles huggggggge things.

i think many are envious of you. - i am!

Sugarmag Fri 30-Jun-06 07:43:16

Can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that. I know there have been threads about this before but it is different and very, very comforting to actually see a picture of someone else who looks exactly the same as you do! You could be talking about me - I'm also only 5 ft tall and once-upon-a-time weighed 8 stone with a nice flat tummy. I had huuuugge bumps with both babies and gained 3-4 stone. Now, 3 years post baby I weigh 8 1/2 stone but can not get rid of the wrinkles & saggy skin. After baby no.1 I wore tankinis but now it's 1 piece swimsuits all the way.

Sugarmag Fri 30-Jun-06 07:45:13

Oh, and BTW, my boobs are ruined forever too. Once a nice perky B-cup now a sad, droopy A - why oh why does NO ONE tell you these things BEFORE you have kids?

morningpaper Fri 30-Jun-06 09:43:36

sugarmag glad it was helpful! I wanted to see what other people looked like too but I couldn't find any pictures! At least there is one picture for others to compare with!

My perky days are over too

milward Fri 30-Jun-06 09:47:27

My front is like that as well! but in fact worse!! I can't wear trousers that aren't waist high as it flops over! Bikini's no way

Sugarmag Fri 30-Jun-06 09:49:47

hmmm, not sure if I'm brave enough to post one of myself. will have a think about it though, as I did think it was so great that you did it. Just the tummy though - not the boobs!

puff Fri 30-Jun-06 09:58:41

blimey mp - your tummy looks marvellous compared to mine .

FioFio Fri 30-Jun-06 10:04:43

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Fri 30-Jun-06 10:17:26

lol @ tidy muff

I like to keep it under control

spacedonkey Fri 30-Jun-06 10:23:21

mp I love you for posting your pic!

my tummy is worse than yours too although my belly button has remained fairly unscathed, but the stretchmarks are diabolical

and i had my last baby more than 12 years ago

Psychobabble Fri 30-Jun-06 10:42:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pleasenomore Fri 30-Jun-06 10:48:09

Dear me that really is not nice.

megglevache Fri 30-Jun-06 10:49:48

Message withdrawn

lanismum Fri 30-Jun-06 11:46:30

i think you are soooooo brave for posting the pic, erm, not that you should be ashamed, erm, just mean, erm <digs a hole>
maybe you will start a trend for mnetters posting pics of their tummys! if it helps, im another one whos not happy with my belly area, and iv only had 1 baby! well done for getting down to a weight you feel comfortable with, im still trying to get there, and im sure with the right bikini bottoms you would look lovely.

Tommy Fri 30-Jun-06 11:58:57

if it's any help - mine looks just like that too

LadyTamba Fri 30-Jun-06 12:00:20

Mines worse than that. I think that looks pretty good for a post pregnancy tummy.

ScummyMummy Fri 30-Jun-06 12:13:24

at pleasenomore. F* off, please. Totally unnecessary and horrible comment.

morningpaper- thank you for posting this. It is a comfort to see that other women also have bellies that have been noticeably affected by childbirth. Mine is still saggier than yours 7 years after the birth of my twins but I am learning to accept it, slowly but surely.

jampots Fri 30-Jun-06 12:16:38

MP - I wish my tummy looked like that. I still have c/s overhang which is hideous.

However, have you tried body brushing your tummy. Ive recently started using one and it seems to have helped some of the appearance of the baggy skin - not saying you have baggy skin of course......

morningpaper Fri 30-Jun-06 12:27:40

jampots: I read that as "air-brushing" which would definitely help! What exactly do you do?

pleasenomore: We know it's not nice. It's just another thing which batters our self-esteem and makes us feel crap about our bodies after we've had children. The fact that it's not nice is a message we hear all the time and it's a really destructive one to our self-esteem and our selves. No it's not NICE but it's quite NORMAL and I thought it would be helpful and constructive to have an honest look at it.

What we need is a line-up of 20 post-baby tummies for a Dove poster campaign.

jampots Fri 30-Jun-06 12:31:16

you can buy a body brush from boots (about £4) by the shower flower things, and then sweep your skin towards your heart for about 10 minutes before your shower - skin has to be dry. Dont forget to drink loads of water.

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