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DD2 enjoying the sun : )

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Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 16:55:33

Just thought it was lovely

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 16:57:15

oh it's cut it

FioFio Tue 06-Jun-06 16:57:51

Message deleted

cadbury Tue 06-Jun-06 16:58:08

aww she's a cutie

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 17:02:34

oh that's it all now thanks

Blu Tue 06-Jun-06 17:03:52

Where's the beach, Angeliz?

SomethingAboutMary Tue 06-Jun-06 17:07:27

She is gorgeous what a lovely picture thanks for sharing

Mercy Tue 06-Jun-06 17:13:02

Wow, waht a gorgeous child!

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 17:19:07

Thanks all.
Blu it's UP North Was gorgeous here today.
I'm in the North East.

Blu Tue 06-Jun-06 17:39:49

Looks fab - sorry, didn't mean it to sound like 'never mind the child, what about the beach'!!

PanicPants Tue 06-Jun-06 17:42:19

She looks like she's really enjoying herself!

hulababy Tue 06-Jun-06 18:15:50

She is beautiful!

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 19:34:39

bump for the nighttimers

popsycal Tue 06-Jun-06 19:36:57

which beach angeliz?
we were in WB today

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 19:41:02

One very close to me Popsy, (don't want to post the name of it). It was gorgeous today wasn't it? Just after the beach i went to h+m and spent a forti=une on summer maternity clothes. My kind of day

misdee Tue 06-Jun-06 19:41:57

she is gorgeous!!

popsycal Tue 06-Jun-06 19:46:13

no worries abotu the name nageliz
i keep forgetting you are preg again
hw far on now?

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 19:47:25

6 months now but i look alot bigger i think.

popsycal Tue 06-Jun-06 19:49:09

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