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Dd3, worn out after being dd2's Show and Tell topic at nursery

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Enid Tue 06-Jun-06 10:19:24

"she drinks milk from mummy's bosoms!"

LIZS Tue 06-Jun-06 10:20:33

cutie pie !

WelshBoris Tue 06-Jun-06 10:21:28

aww Enid she is gorgeous

Did you have to take part and show your norks?

Enid Tue 06-Jun-06 10:22:17

no they tried to make dd2 say she drank out of a bottle and slept in a cot

neither of which is true much to dd2's delight

oliveoil Tue 06-Jun-06 10:23:50

why on earth would they want her to say that? fgs.

lovely and v cute.

Those little arms, awwwwwwww.

WelshBoris Tue 06-Jun-06 10:25:29

why would they want to say that

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 10:26:11

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Tue 06-Jun-06 10:26:17

she is cute - love her little hands

Enid Tue 06-Jun-06 10:28:05

the teacher said 'dd2, what does she drink?'
'just milk?'
'what about water?'
'doesnt she have water in her bottle too?'
'no she drinks milk from mummy's bosoms!'

JanH Tue 06-Jun-06 10:30:48

She needs a fez in that pose, Enid ("not like that - like that!")(Hope somebody else remembers Tommy Cooper )

She is super-gorgeous

schneebly Tue 06-Jun-06 10:30:48

lol! Beautiful - really beautiful. Love tiny babies!!!I always get sooo broody when there are pic of tiny ones on here!

Angeliz Tue 06-Jun-06 10:32:35

She's adorable, lol at dd2!

BudaBabe Tue 06-Jun-06 10:38:47

Oh she's beautiful! Now I REALLY want a girl!!! And it's your fault Enid. I'll feelunbalanced without all the pink to "balance" out all the blue!!

wabbitt Tue 06-Jun-06 11:40:24

Aaaah - conducting a mouse orchestra pose She's lovely Enid - makes me want a girl too, mine boy's Curious George incarnate!!!

YellowFeathers Tue 06-Jun-06 11:42:11

Omg Enid shes gorgeous!

lol at "bosoms"

Feistybird Tue 06-Jun-06 11:43:22

I want her.

moondog Tue 06-Jun-06 11:45:35

How unbearably gorgeous,the whole caboodle!!
Good on yer dd.
A warrior in the making.

threelittlebabies Tue 06-Jun-06 11:45:42

oh she is beautiful, like a tiny doll. Can't believe my dd is now 9mo and a bit !

JanH Tue 06-Jun-06 11:49:55

Cooper hands

(Mouse orchestra conductor much nicer image though )

Beauregard Tue 06-Jun-06 11:57:03

We shall have you to blame enid ,for the mass of pregnant women!She is gorgeous.

Enid Tue 06-Jun-06 12:23:24

pmsl @ mouse orchestra and tommy cooper

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