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DD2's 1st birthday cake - please say it looks like a duck

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katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 10:42:39

i have just spent an hour crafting this duck cake for DD2's 1st birthday.

DH says it looks good but what do you think?

threebob Sun 04-Jun-06 10:43:41

It looks like a duck.

WelshBoris Sun 04-Jun-06 10:43:48

quack quack

Of course it looks like a duck DD will love it

sparkler1 Sun 04-Jun-06 10:44:40

Wow! What a lovely 'errrrr duck?? No seriously it's fantastic!! I wish I was clever enough to make my dds cakes - I don't have the patience to do it. Have a lovely time!!!

Adorabelle Sun 04-Jun-06 10:45:42

What a clever Mummy you are! Defo looks like a
duck to me. I'm V.impressed. Hope your dd enjoys
eating it!

Blackduck Sun 04-Jun-06 10:46:37

I looks like a duck I'm impressed - ds's was a carrot cake out of M&S with candles (mind you he has a thing about candles...)

katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 10:47:13

thank you all - my big concern it is is huge! we will be eating cake for weeks!

sfxmum Sun 04-Jun-06 10:52:52

katz! super impressed, dd would have loved it

katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 10:53:22

i love making cakes like this but my skills aren't as good as my imagination!

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 10:54:38

whats that orange cloud all about then?

its luverly!

2mum Sun 04-Jun-06 11:36:53

Excellent, i wish i could make cakes. Instead i buy mine in tesco or coop!

southeastastra Sun 04-Jun-06 11:38:16

its cute, is it sitting on a chair?

schneebly Sun 04-Jun-06 11:44:58

am mightily impressed! It really made me smile too!

threelittlebabies Sun 04-Jun-06 11:58:00

It looks like a is a duck! Well done, much better than my paltry efforts

katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 12:16:24

it was supposed to be stood on it feet but its head kept falling off! so i have laid it down, its on a tray

edam Sun 04-Jun-06 12:21:07

It's the duckiest duck cake I've ever seen. Blimey, you are good at this!

2Happy Sun 04-Jun-06 12:53:23

Definitely a duck, katz! Very impressed

tribpot Sun 04-Jun-06 15:04:29

Katz, as ever, you are the Jane Asher of the Junies. Another masterpiece of confectionary!

katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 19:16:15

thanks again!

it went down very well at her party this pm, and it was very tasty even if i do say so myself!

Gingerbear Sun 04-Jun-06 19:39:55

Hi Katz, lovely duckie! How are you fixed for a Mermaid next Saturday?

nicnack2 Sun 04-Jun-06 19:41:54

i think its bloody marvellous also as i couldnt even attempt it!!!

biglips Sun 04-Jun-06 19:43:37

very impressive!!

blueteddy Sun 04-Jun-06 19:43:58

Message withdrawn

Tommy Sun 04-Jun-06 19:56:21

that looks great - also looks like you have the same cake book as me

I made a lion for DS2 last year but just before the party sent my friend a frantic text to say that it looked like a brown sun...
When she arrived her DS rushed in, saw the cake and said "Oh wow - a lion cake" and she said she hadn't primed him - what a great kid

katzg Sun 04-Jun-06 19:58:39

Gingerbear - a mermaid would be quite easy, a small fish shaped cake with a barbie stuck in it!

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