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trying again with the dress..

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babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 15:52:44

hope this looks better..

FlameBoo Thu 01-Jun-06 15:55:05

Ooooh - that looks pretty

YellowFeathers Thu 01-Jun-06 15:56:55

Omg thats gorgeous!

I've got BIL's wedding in January and I'll need a dress

Whats this made of?

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:03:56

long story..i made the underdress from a cotton/lycra mix..
took yards of chiffon, made it soaking wet, threw really dluted dyes all over it and hung it up over our bath for a couple of days, letting it all drip down and into the fabric..

i bought the trim from an asian fabric shop near's so pretty!

YellowFeathers Thu 01-Jun-06 16:05:11

Have you studied design then or is it just a talent you have?

misdee Thu 01-Jun-06 16:07:34

thats lovely. sparklygothkat would love one

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:07:39

not really..i did textiles and art up to a level, then did psychology, then art history..
but it's been something I always do at need to study iyswim..i've learnt through the love of it..and lots of trial and error..

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:08:33

hope you're all looking at the slightly better pics i've posted

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 16:17:28

Wow - that looks stunningly original. Is it for an adult or child? (sorry to be dense but saw your baby bootees earlier )

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:18:34

no this one was made for me when I was pregnant..

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:19:04

but designed to still fit and look great with smaller boobs and no

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 16:19:57

Wow - gorgeous.

satine Thu 01-Jun-06 16:21:08

Do you sell them?

beansontoast Thu 01-Jun-06 16:22:52

how luffly !!

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:22:56

well..this was one of a few I made for myself and for friends..
I haven't made them for a while..but I could do if requested..

beansontoast Thu 01-Jun-06 16:23:30

how luffly !!

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:24:23

you can see the detail in the thread called ' the dress again'

satine Thu 01-Jun-06 16:24:26

I'd love one - but how does the bodice fit over large norks? Sadly the bra-less look isn't great for me!!

Puddingclub Thu 01-Jun-06 16:30:00

Absolutely stunning

Want one!

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:31:39

well satine..if you wanted one i could do it tailor made..and adapted to your shape..

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:32:04

thanks for all the compliments im delighted!

Northerner Thu 01-Jun-06 16:32:42

I love it.

I would buy this. Seriously. Can you make me one?

FioFio Thu 01-Jun-06 16:32:55

Message deleted

satine Thu 01-Jun-06 16:35:22

I would love one!

satine Thu 01-Jun-06 16:36:33

Have to go and look after children (tsk! how inconvenient) but will check back in later.

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