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handmade baby fashion 4

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babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:27:52

heres a bib.. i've also made a change bag, thermal bottle holder and purse from this fabric

trashy but cute!

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:29:05

annoying how small these pics can't really see the fabric..

LadyCodofCOdford Thu 01-Jun-06 13:29:19

i love the fabric

JackieNo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:29:47

That's wonderful fabric. Love the idea. You're so talented - I'm v . Could never get the hang of threading the sewing machine myself.

TheHonArfy Thu 01-Jun-06 13:30:01

BOb these are all fantastic

and really like the sound of the friend with the cashmere. You must do it!

mousiemousie Thu 01-Jun-06 13:30:06

that is beautiful - I'd buy it!

Can you set up a phototrail?

alicemama Thu 01-Jun-06 13:31:26

Been looking at all of your threads and you are truly talented.....please hurry and set up a website or something, we're all lining up to see evertyhtin and put in our orders!!

Kelly1978 Thu 01-Jun-06 13:32:50

I really didn't like the first pic you posted of the boots, and so stayed away, but all the rest has been fantastic! You def need to start some sort of online shop, or start enquiring at local craft centers etc. Craft fairs might be a start.

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:33:07


I have a friend looking after ds for the next three days (shes 7 months preg. and wants the experience..bless her!)

so i'm busy trying to take good pics and set up a website..i have a url already..just takes

thanks so much to all for your encouragment..its given me a real boost!

Frenchgirl Thu 01-Jun-06 14:00:49

wow babyonboard, have been looking at all your pictures, love everything you make, you're very talented!!!
don't get ripped off and sell all this too cheap though

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 14:01:39

thanks hun!
i'm loving this encouragement..
stil hard to bite the bullet and really go all out and make things on a bigger scale...

twinsetandpearls Thu 01-Jun-06 14:03:58

I have loved your last two items particularly - the fabrics are beautiful.

beansontoast Thu 01-Jun-06 16:30:53

god all that stuff is so completely frickin gorgeous....i love th ebibs and the japanesey (?)fabric bubble wrap blanket.....YUM

If i mad estuff like that i couldnt bear to let it go!!!

Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 16:34:31

I would buy one, how much would you charge for a bib?

geekgrrl Thu 01-Jun-06 16:38:16

I really love your stuff - do you think you might do clothes for older ones? There aren't enough nice little boys' clothes (toddler and up) or pretty dresses for girls over 5 out there...

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 16:41:41

Ooh yes please make some older boys' clothes...

FillyjonktheSnibbet Thu 01-Jun-06 16:58:17

Oh god yes, boys clothes in not snot green and beige. That would be fantastic. Am frigging sick of having to dress my 2 yo son as either a trainee army cadet or a Disney princess.

Especially as he often chooses the latter leaving me with difficult choices over nylon content.


babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 16:59:04

i made a dress for my little sister (9years)..
a plain kakhi green pinafore style thing over a really puffy (with removable underskirt to make it casual too) dress , in a really really trashy seventies green and turquiose print, but it was fabulous!..
hard to decribe..
hmm..can i find a pic..rummage rummage

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 17:00:21

and i make baby clothes for my don't see why it's be hard to make them for older boys...

kipper22 Thu 01-Jun-06 17:42:37

oh, now I see! all fantastic!

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