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Homemade baby fashion..3

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babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:12:12

Close up of another blanket I made... inspired by bubble wrap and my grans curtains ... lol
I think it's pretty nice..

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:13:25

the ribbon isn't part of it ..just how i wrapped it...

JackieNo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:13:49

Love the colours and textures, though it's a little difficult to tell from a close up what it really looks like. Is the white 'bubble wrap' side the reverse of the patterned one?

mousiemousie Thu 01-Jun-06 13:16:19

Lovely print - where did you find it?

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:16:56

yes the 'bubble wrap' is the reverse side...

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:17:18

i got it in brick lane..

JackieNo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:17:31

You need the 'How do you set up a website' thread

Kelly1978 Thu 01-Jun-06 13:18:06

very pretty.

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 13:48:19

thanks jackieno!

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture Thu 01-Jun-06 13:57:41

Must say, I'm not sure craft fairs are the right theatre for this sort of stuff - you need tiny poncey independent baby boutiques in Hampstead and Kensington to take you up, or designer baby stuff websites like Lyla & Lou or Sparkability or Pacifier . (Sorry they're US - they're just the ones I've got bookmarked, but you get the gist)

I remember I saw my first pair of Daisy Roots in a posh gift shop in Oxford - you need to target people who are trying to buy an expensive baby gift, so selling in expensive baby gift shops means you have a captive audience!

babyonboard Thu 01-Jun-06 14:00:42

I know..theres a small boutique up the road from us that has such things as vests for £40..!?

The lady that owns it loves the things i've shown her..and if I undercut the other 'brands' prices slightly I may get a few sales..

i'm not very confident though..
I can just imagine blowing half our savings and being left crying in a pile of lovely, but unsaleable baby

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture Thu 01-Jun-06 14:09:18

the boutique sounds ideal - could you do a small 'capsule' collection to start with and see how it sells?

you know - one vest in each size in each design, one changing bag/bottle sleeve/bib set in the retro doll fabric and one in a boyish fabric, couple of quilts, some booties... basically nothing that'd cost you too much time and money to get into stock.
If they sell well and/or people say 'oh, I love it but I need it in a newborn size / two matching ones / a boyish print / in pink', you've learnt something about the market already.

If they don't sell, there's always ebay (and MN...)

BagelBird Thu 01-Jun-06 14:48:46

I love your choice of fabric. It is spot on. So nice to see baby stuff that is not : sugar pink/blue or mega "trendy" - instead it is quite chic and interesting. Good Luck.
Def the sort of stuff I would buy family/good friends as pressies for new baby

brendasmith5548 Sun 11-Jan-15 18:06:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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