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dd2's rash?

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Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 10:08:00

Does it look like heat rash?

dont knw if the picture will show it very well but here goes.

SaintofGeorgia Thu 01-Jun-06 12:03:07

Can't see it well enough.

The two commonest rashes in kids, when they otherwise seem quite well, are heat rash and post-viral urticaria.

Heat rash tends to be small, red and pimply. Can appear anywhere but more prominent in the 'creases'.

PVU is like nettle rash. Small spots that become raised and often blend together to form larger blistery looking areas. They aren't real blisters and are not fluid filled.

Cadmum Thu 01-Jun-06 13:06:23

DS1 reacts this way to sun screen... Have you used any cream or a dif. laundry soap?

LadyCodofCOdford Thu 01-Jun-06 13:15:44

i have no idea
think heat tbh
she is cer-yoot hto

Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 15:29:58

Hv'nt used any creams/soaps or anything different on her, i does'nt look as bad on her back now but she has it on her face, still seems happy.

Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 15:30:36


SaintofGeorgia Thu 01-Jun-06 15:43:36

Heat rash


Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 15:51:09

Thanks SG, looks more like the heat rash, the other one looks reals sore and bigger blotches.

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