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Ds2 just had all his curls chopped off............................

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Aero Mon 29-May-06 11:46:04

.........but he still has a great smile.

Rhubarb Mon 29-May-06 11:50:43

Aw! I can't bear to cut ds's curls! I'm frightened of ruining his hair!

sugarfree Mon 29-May-06 11:58:46

I hanging on to curls for as long as I can here.
(Actually I'm desperately hanging onto babyhood!)

He's a cutie with or without curls btw and yes,lovely smile.

Aero Mon 29-May-06 12:03:32

They were unruly to say the least though - his fringe was down to his nose. Gone is the baby look though , and he's my last one too.

Ah well..........sigh

sugarfree Mon 29-May-06 12:27:55

Mine has been to the hairdressers,but I hover her saying "just snip the ends,I'm not ready yet!"
(he's my last too)

Spagblog Mon 29-May-06 12:33:57

I can't get rid of my DS's curls. He wouldn't have any hair left!
Aero - he's gorgeous curls or none

sammac Mon 29-May-06 13:30:49

He looks so like a mix of his big brother and sis now!

Aero Mon 29-May-06 14:09:52

Hey sammac - how are you honey - you got your msn sorted yet?

cadbury Mon 29-May-06 18:13:49

Oh, just seen this! Goodness, he does look grown up now - Sammac's right, he's a real mix of dd and ds1 and dh in the mouth and you in the cheeks - very cute.

How are you doing? I texted the other day but assume you've been mighty busy. Things OK? Is MIL with you? What are your plans for half term?

Aero Tue 30-May-06 10:57:32

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Cadders.

cadbury Tue 30-May-06 12:39:39

me too my friend

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 12:42:51


Now completely off track. Can I have your tuna peanut doodah recipe please?

lovelymarslady at aol dot com

Freckle Tue 30-May-06 12:43:47

You're right about the smile!

I remember when DS3 had all his curls chopped off. Well, the first time was a shock because DS1 did it without me knowing. When I found out he said it was because only girls have curls and I don't want him to be a girl. Bless. I still cried though.

His hair did grow again and he had the most abundant, blond curls so that most mums in the playground thought he was a girl - even when dressed in the most masculine of clothes. His hair still gets curls if I let it grow, but at age 8 he's a bit more vocal about wanting his hair cut.

Aero Tue 30-May-06 20:29:34

Just for you marsy. Enjoy. I hold Cadbury personally responsible for this delicious recipe.

Aero Tue 30-May-06 20:30:59

And in case it should ever disappear off the recipes board, here it is again.

Tuna and Peanut Risotto (I know, I know - doesn't sound the most appetising, but honestly - it's a taste sensation!)

225g long grain rice
2 cans tuna
4tbsps oil
2 onions
1 green pepper (I used 3 mushrooms instead as had no peppers)
2tsps curry powder
200g salted peanuts
450mls apple juice/cider
100g cooking apple (I used eater)
2tbsps lemon juice
3tbsps sugar - (I only put in a teaspoon - to taste really)

Cook rice in boiling water for 10 mins and drain thoroughly.
Drain tuna and break into chunks.
Heat oil in large saucepan and fry onion and pepper with curry powder for 5 mins.
Grind most of the peanuts in a food blender and add to the pan along with the apple juice, salt, pepper, diced apple, lemon juice and sugar.
Bring to the boil, add rice and tuna.
Simmer uncovered for 10 mins, stirring fregquently.
Transfer to warmed serving dish and serve hot, sprinkled with a few extra peanuts.

This will serve four - I halved the recipe and it's plenty for two.
It's the new fave recipe in the Aero house!

QE Tue 30-May-06 20:33:26

Cheeky one you have there!

I am hanging on to ds4's beautiful blond curls for a wee while yet. I have got a lovely pic to post once I suss how to put it on.

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